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It stands alone in its class, Mindvalley. The majority of online learning environments focus on meeting your requirements in the security and possibly esteem tiers of Maslow's hierarchy of wants. Mindvalley aims directly for self-actualization, the pinnacle. And they succeed in doing it.

The top Mindvalley courses, free Mindvalley masterclasses, and information on how a Mindvalley experience might improve your life are summarised below.

Mindvalley Courses – Overview

The Vishen Lakhiani-founded Mindvalley academy provides a potent selection of masterclasses for students interested in mindfulness and self-improvement. In fact, they instruct residents of Mindvalley in subjects that the educational system never covered.

To "remake the way the world works in terms of business, politics, education, and spirituality," is Mindvalley's shamelessly lofty aim.

The Mindvalley course catalogue is small, yet membership  grants you access to all classes as well as a worldwide community of other students via an internal social network. Members can access classes, listen to popular Mindvalley podcasts, and meditate using a variety of Mindvalley apps.

Mindvalley Quests

Yes, they are courses, but the word “course” could be a bit of an understatement. They claim that if you put in just 20 minutes each day, you will “feel and see remarkable growth” in just a few weeks. Here are some of the top features of Mindvalley Quests.

  • The topics – Be Extraordinary. The Power of Boldness. Conscious Parenting. The course offering brings together practical and ethereal knowledge. It may all seem a bit offbeat or impractical at first. Upon deeper inspection (and introspection), you will see how Mindvalley can offer you something that you’ve been missing in your life.
  • The design and production quality – From the website to the apps, Mindvalley goes the distance to make sure you get your money’s worth each time you interact with them. Quests are no exception.
  • Live Classes with Student Interaction – Some of the Mindvalley courses boast more than 1 million students enrolled, so I’m not sure how you get to connect one-on-one in a pool that big, but they claim that you can.
  • Impressive Faculty Members – Lisa Nichols, Jim Kwik and Michael Beckwith are among the impressively credentialed list of instructors on Mindvalley. Learning from heavy hitters is usually a smart way to go!
  • Strict Course Schedules – You know how you can do week 3 of your “How to Shoot a Crossbow” course all in one day if you choose? Not so with Mindvalley Quests. The lessons are scheduled and you cannot begin the next one until the day it is due to begin. So a 30-day Mindvalley Masterclass is indeed a 30-day course!

Best Mindvalley Courses and Quests 2022 – Top Picks

1. Superbrain – Jim Kwik

Kwik suggests the potential of accessing the untapped parts of our brains without saying it directly. He lists a bewildering assortment of subjects covered in this 30-day journey Superbrain in his five-minute advertisement. He imparts it everything using the encouraging Spaced Recognition technique.

One of the main learning outcomes of the quest is fully applied to learners thanks to this strategy, which has been shown to make information stick. Focus, memory, productivity, and the capacity to get superior academic grades are some other learning benefits.

I wish Jim Kwik had been around when I was in college. This well-liked Mindvalley masterclass received favourable reviews from most reviewers. The only criticism was that some of the information might not be particularly pertinent to you. You can get the remaining gold by avoiding that. One of the top Mindvalley courses for improving memory and learning skills is this one.

2. Uncompromised Life – Marisa Peer

The top therapist in the UK has 25 years of experience and has coached a who's who of famous clients. As the founder of "Transformational Hypnotherapy," Marisa Peer has established a prestigious reputation for herself. Her method is referred to be a "mind optimisation science that entirely transforms an individual's way of thinking and living" (see course).

This distinguished therapist shares her game-changing method with the Mindvalley tribe in order to boost learners' self-assurance, help them identify their mission, and fortify their growth mentality. You receive interactive Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions throughout the course of this eight-week Mindvalley Quest, and each one addresses one "thought shift." You also receive extra content.

She "has a knack of making hard things simple," according to reviews, and her philosophy of abundance is "common-sense." They sped up the recordings when someone complained that she spoke much too slowly to keep their attention. Additionally, she was described as a "realistic instructor who genuinely cares about the success of all of her students."

Uncompromised Life is undoubtedly among the best and most well-liked Mindvalley courses, and it is worthwhile for everyone who requires a mental change to cross over into their prosperous place. The membership cost will be more than covered by your newfound wealth.

3. Super Reading – Jim Kwik

Kwik has a solid reputation as a Hollywood "Brain Coach," and he has an amazing clientele of prominent celebrities and businesses. In Super Reading, he guarantees that you will read twice as fast and better understand and remember what you read.

The primary learning objective is to comprehend and practise how to take in more information in a shorter amount of time and be able to retain information when it is required. This can transfer to important career moments because improved memory is useful for presentations, meetings, and projects.

Reviews generally praised the course's usefulness and were mostly positive. For students in difficult academic programmes, actors, and professionals looking to grow in their vocations, this is one of the best Mindvalley masterclasses.

4. Be Extraordinary – Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani initially developed Be Extraordinary for himself and his children under the name "Becoming Limitless." It is based on what he learned from the brilliant brains he has analysed over the course of his 20-year journey through Mindvalley.

The famous phrase from Albert Einstein goes, "We cannot solve our problems with the same mentality we used to create them." This Mindvalley Quest appears to be based on this wise counsel, substituting the term "degree of consciousness" for the word "thinking." Your main result will be a change to a higher consciousness level.

His nine-part, 30-day quest promises to assist you in accomplishing this through daily micro-lessons. Warning: If you don't like to swear or use made-up language, you might find some of the information in this quest offensive.

If you don't care about such specifics, then continue. If you're feeling stuck and need to alter your way of thinking in order to improve your outcomes, this might be one of the greatest Mindvalley masterclasses. In fact, the Bible says that a man is exactly what he thinks!

5. The Power of Boldness – Naveen Jain

The goal of Mr. Jain's course, The Power of Boldness, is to assist you in learning the "core piece of programming" from the world's most successful people. "The unwavering motivation, clarity, and vision to dream BIG," he describes it as.

This is one of the top Mindvalley courses for those who are feeling dissatisfied or who need more confidence to realise their potential.

Naveen Jain does have really large ideas. The first private business to carry out a lunar mission is his own, Moon Express. From a man who lived in poverty as a child, comes this. He served as his first customer while learning how to set goals, handle challenges, and run an enterprise.

Additionally, you will discover how to live a purpose-driven life, broaden your entrepreneurial skill set, and boost your productivity and influence. "The Curious Power Of Curiosity," "Obsession + Crazy Ideas Equal Disruption," and "Launching Your Moonshot Idea" are a few of the first lessons. Finding reviews was challenging, but I feel confident because of Mindvalley's high credibility.

6. Speak and Inspire – Lisa Nichols

Never again miss a meaningful connection. By assisting you in developing stronger, more persuasive communication skills, Lisa Nichols can ensure that you never do it. You will learn how to capture people and audiences with your unique charisma in this well-liked Mindvalley lecture. Learn to talk persuasively.

You acquire ever-more sophisticated skills along the way. By the conclusion, you find that you have improved as a speaker beyond many of your acquaintances. Mastering storytelling, obtaining better speaking fees, and obtaining more engagements are some skills.

There are many glowing reviews for this programme. One of the best Mindvalley courses for developing public speaking abilities and potentially earning a job at it is this one.

7. The Quest For Personal Mastery – Srikumar Rao

This popular author, TED speaker, and MBA lecturer is dedicated to assisting you in discovering profound purpose in your life. In order to assist you in understanding your "inner landscape," Srikumar Rao leads you on a Mindvalley Quest. The 45-day Personal Mastery journey  contains several activities meant to become ingrained in your daily routine.

Your wildest fantasies become your daily realities as a result of this process. Interested? It functions by using a variety of strategies to address learners' deepest anxieties, fears, and shortcomings while giving them fresh perspectives on how to approach them. You'll discover how to handle stress, alter your worldview, and build your confidence and resilience.

The majority of reviews for this top Mindvalley masterclass are good. The sole qualification is that these teachings might clash with someone's religious beliefs. Mr. Rao talks about focusing on your belief system and working with "the Universe." Some people might not relate to this. To gain a rapid understanding, take his free Mindvalley masterclass.

8. Money EQ Program – Ken Honda

Ken Honda, who calls himself "Japan's No. 1 Money Teacher," deftly makes a connection between the modern idea of EQ and the subject of money. It's true that people's relationships with money are intense and emotional. What function it serves in our lives is determined by that relationship.

You will develop stronger money management skills, get over your financial worries, and make more money. Your mind will be trained to feel better about money and life in general with Honda's assistance. He comes across as a humble and approachable trainer in his video introduction.

Behind this nice man is a force to be reckoned with: a personal improvement guru with 7 million books sold and financial independence attained before the age of 30. He wants to demonstrate to you how you can accomplish this as well. He instructs one of the free Mindvalley seminars. If you are unsure about jumping in right away, you can try that out first.

9. The Silva Ultramind System – José Silva, Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani, a passionate Silva Method graduate, offers you this framework in a Mindvalley Quest to unleash the full power of your mind. Over 6 million people learned José Silva's method from him during his lifetime. A journey through several states of consciousness is involved.

One can reach higher levels of awareness, hone intuition, enhance creativity, create what they want, and undergo holistic treatment by tuning into brainwave activity. Life-altering outcomes are promised by your 28-day quest.

Some claim that the science mentioned in Silva's original programme needs to be updated, although Lakhiani does not seem to have done so. Nevertheless, those who have gone through it are typically happy since they ended out better than they were before. On this site, it is also one of the most well-liked Mindvalley courses.

10. The M-Word – Emily Fletcher

The M-Word by Emily Fletcher demonstrates to practitioners of meditation how this activity is more than just a means of stress reduction. If done properly, it can enable you to perform at your absolute best and experience boundless energy, creativity, and invention.

Emily says she can help students revive their personal and professional lives by expanding on the frameworks she teaches in her contemporary meditation technique.

There are two modules in the M-Word altogether. The first module explains a step-by-step method for improving your meditation skills. This entails controlling your connection with stress, finding a healthy breathing meditation practise, and learning easy methods that enable you to develop your spirituality and maintain an awareness of synchronicities.

You'll enter the actual world in the second part. Here, you'll learn how to use your meditative wand to solve practical issues, avoid stress, and put an emotional detoxification system into practise for a healthy personal and professional life. One of the top Mindvalley masterclasses and courses in the Mind & Soul category is this one.

11. Mastering Authentic Networking – Keith Ferrazzi

You can make a sort of inventory of the human resources you have access to with the help of Mastering Authentic Networking. Keith Ferrazzi will assist you with developing soft skills and working on your thinking at the same time. When you put it all together, you get a blueprint for significant value exchanges between you and other people.

Most people don't give this much thought, yet it's important. How far you fly in life depends on the flock of birds you hang around with. Similar to how migratory birds fly in a V configuration, other people support you as you support them. You will "never be lonely again," according to Ferrazzi.

You'll discover how to increase your influence and develop your leadership abilities. This 21-day Mindvalley Quest is designed to bring out the master networker in you by simulating a 20-minute daily individual coaching session. If you choose to subscribe, this journey is undoubtedly among the top Mindvalley courses for business-minded individuals and entrepreneurs.

12. Wildfit – Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades' Wildfit is for anyone who is eager to break away from a way of life that involves radical changes in daily routines, fad diets, and extreme training regimens without the required fitness results. If you want to focus on the Mind, Body, and Soul categories, this is one of the greatest Mindvalley courses to take.

Wildfit guarantees people a breakthrough in their health and fitness levels within 90 days. A 35-hour Mindvalley training course teaches fitness fanatics how to break bad eating habits, maintain their optimum weight, recover from years of unhealthy diets, delay the onset of ageing, and lengthen their life.

This Mindvalley quest replaces your harmful eating habits with nourishing ones without pushing you to the brink with severe diet regimens, drawing on behavioural psychology, evolutionary medicine, and nutritional anthropology.

Participants will start by learning what their bodies actually require. The practical methods needed to let a natural but healthy human diet take control of your system are covered from weeks three to ten. You'll start to see the good improvements here, such as more energy, less food battles, and healthy eating.

You'll learn how to lose weight quickly and keep it off over the next few weeks. You will discover how to maintain the gains made over the past weeks here.

13. The Longevity Blueprint – Ben Greenfield

What age are you? Your biological age and your chronological age are distinguished by Ben Greenfield. He will lead you on an 8-week Mindvalley Quest to the health, fitness, attractiveness, and longevity you desire.

Instead than torturing your body with strenuous exercise regimens, you will discover how to age gracefully with increased vitality and radiant skin. You'll get a better body, increased strength and muscle, and improved mobility.

He advises using a more sensible strategy to achieve these objectives. Numerous evaluations attest that he seems to have the appropriate system. This Mindvalley course and masterclass is one of the greatest to attend if you want to look and feel better for the rest of your life.

14. Energy Medicine – Donna Eden, David Feinstein

Energy Medicine, taught by David Feinstein and Donna Eden, is for anyone who wishes to feel in control of their own health and fitness. This well-liked Mindvalley course gives people a foundation for utilising the healing, transforming energy that dwells inside us.

You will learn how to control your body's energy during the eight weeks of training, remove any energetic obstacles, strengthen your shortcomings, and develop into a proficient practitioner. Video lessons, Donna's Q&As, and understanding some unique energetic techniques that the duo exclusively teaches during their live workshops will all enhance your learning process.

Learners will be given the fundamental activities for refuelling their vitality in the first module. A module on stress-relieving exercises like the triple warmer and spleen meridian follows a deep dive into cleansing, grounding, and balancing your energies.

Additionally, you will learn about workouts that reduce pain and energy tests for good lifestyle choices. The last three courses cover the science of the chakras, auras, and radiant energies as well as how to use and maintain them for health and happiness. It's one of the most well-liked and effective Mindvalley courses for boosting energy and wellness.

15. Lifebook Online – Jon and Missy Butcher

A life-enrichment course called Lifebook Online with Jon and Missy Butcher teaches you how to accomplish your objectives in all 12 areas of your life. This covers crucial topics including parenting, finances, relationships, quality of life, and health.

You will unlearn some of the most psychologically harmful practises and mindsets in this well-known Mindvalley course. It is appropriate for people who are caught in a cycle of daydreaming and an unbalanced work-life that prevents them from reaching their objectives.

Prepare for a total of six modules that will take you on a thorough trip to fix the most important elements of your life. These include physical health, character and emotional stability, spirituality and relationships, social integration and parenting, finances and careers, and lastly, rebuilding your quality of life and life vision.

An efficient approach for designing a lifestyle, Lifebook Online teaches dreamers how to transform their aspirations into incredibly detailed ideas. This visualisation makes it very easy to see how to carry out these visions. One of the top Mindvalley courses for beginners, in my opinion.

16. The Mastery of Sleep – Michael Breus

The Mastery of Sleep by Michael Breus, published by Mindvalley, is intended for anyone who has trouble falling or staying asleep for a long period of time. Too many days of being sleep deprived and lethargic will eventually affect your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. The 5.5 hours of instruction provided by Breus provide a potent remedy for this issue.

Those who struggle with sleep will be able to improve their skin, immunity, digestion, libido, and emotional well-being by establishing proper sleep habits.

Trainees will learn how to deliberately manipulate their environment and hormone system to start deep sleep patterns in a series of 4 sessions. You will learn your personal optimum bedtime, the amount of sleep your body needs overall, and how to rewire your body for a more energising result during the 28-day course.

17. Mindvalley 10x Fitness – Ronan Oliveira

One of the top Mindvalley classes to improve your physical fitness and beauty is 10x Fitness. It asserts that it has focused its training modules on methods for building muscles that are supported by research. Anyone who wishes to incorporate exercise into their daily lives without wasting hours at the gym will benefit from this 30-hour training regimen.

When you sign up for Mindvalley 10x, you'll learn about a ground-breaking, hyper-optimized method for keeping healthy and sustaining your amazing change. The Mindvalley10x programme is centred around a twice-weekly, 15-minute permanent body workout.

You will use one of the most effective workout regimens and benefit from science-based recommendations for diet, rest, and lifestyle. Learn how to trigger your adaptive response mechanisms that engage your muscles to permanently remodel them during a 12-week online body transformation programme led by renowned trainers.

The trainees will begin the first stage of body transformation after the first week, which is the warm-up week. You can learn about the fundamental workouts, healthy dietary practises, and the minor differences between training for men and women here. You'll get to sculpt your ideal body in the second phase, which is followed by the "living your 10x lifestyle" phase.

18. Live by Your Own Rules – Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

An intriguing viewpoint is that we put on a front in order to satisfy our fundamental desire to be liked and accepted by others. In an ironic twist, our façade prevents people from like and accepting us since it conceals our true selves.

You will discover how to overcome emotional challenges, live truthfully, and be more fearless on your Quest with Mindvalley co-founder Kristina Mand-Lakhiani. When you register, you receive a free video quest called "7 Days to Happiness." In addition to the Live by Your Own Rules Quest's 31 days, you will spend nearly 40 days with Kristina Mand-Lakhiani.

Finding reviews for this Mindvalley course was challenging. However, if you need to get back to liking yourself, this Mindvalley masterclass might be the cure for you, supported by Mindvalley's solid reputation.

19. Hero. Genius. Legend. – Robin Sharma

You'll embark on a Mindvalley Quest to increased productivity with the author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. You will overcome ingrained phobias along the way and demonstrate your leadership abilities. He assures you that you will work more effectively.

Sharma achieves this by focusing on your routines. True enough, unhealthy habits can perpetuate unfavourable patterns in your life. Similar to how excellent habits help you keep good patterns,

All reviews are quite positive; the only issue is the cost. These premium programmes are pricey for a reason—they work! If you have a membership, you can quickly and for no cost add this quest to your schedule of Mindvalley masterclasses.

Mindvalley Courses – Review Pros and Cons

A pioneer in the field of online education is Mindvalley. The Mindvalley Academy has an impressive roster of renowned teachers, authors, and presenters. The entire body of work has excellent manufacturing quality. They have a reputation for holding amazing live events (remember those?).

There is a lot of substance hidden underneath all the lovely window dressing. Members have access to a carefully chosen selection of available courses; the library isn't large, but that's part of the appeal.

Some would argue that the few choices and high cost are drawbacks. Contrarily, these are only a small portion of what makes Mindvalley a special and excellent experience.

Alternatives to Mindvalley: There are other eLearning companies vying for your attention. CreativeLive Classes and MasterClass courses are alternatives to Mindvalley. If you want to learn from business owners, you might also look into the Skillshare classes.

MindValley and MasterClass
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