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LeetCode has become a household name among software engineers and coding enthusiasts as a go-to platform for honing coding skills and preparing for technical interviews. The platform offers a wide range of problems covering data structures, algorithms, databases, and more. While LeetCode is free to use, they introduced LeetCode Premium to provide an enhanced learning experience and additional features. In this article, we'll explore LeetCode Premium, its features, and how it can benefit serious learners.

What is LeetCode Premium?

LeetCode Premium is a subscription service offered by LeetCode that unlocks advanced features and additional resources for users who are looking to take their coding skills to the next level. It's designed for users who are serious about mastering technical interview challenges and algorithms.

Key Features of LeetCode Premium:

1. Exclusive Problems:

Access to a curated set of premium problems that are not available to free users. These problems are often more challenging and cover a broader range of topics.

2. Mock Interviews:

LeetCode Premium members can participate in mock interviews, simulating real interview scenarios. This feature is valuable for practicing problem-solving under time constraints and receiving detailed feedback.

3. Top Solutions:

Gain access to top solutions submitted by other LeetCode Premium users. Studying these solutions can provide insights into different problem-solving approaches and help users broaden their understanding of algorithms and techniques.

4. Ad-Free Experience:

LeetCode Premium offers an ad-free experience, eliminating distractions and providing a seamless learning environment.

5. Company Specific Tag Filters:

Tailor your preparation by filtering problems based on specific company tags. This feature is particularly useful when preparing for interviews with specific tech companies that are known for certain types of questions.

6. Explore Features:

LeetCode Premium members have exclusive access to new features and updates. This ensures that premium users get early access to the latest improvements and enhancements.

Who Should Consider LeetCode Premium?

LeetCode Premium is well-suited for individuals who are serious about excelling in technical interviews, competitive coding, or simply enhancing their problem-solving skills. Here are some scenarios where LeetCode Premium can be particularly beneficial:

1. Job Seekers:

Individuals actively preparing for technical interviews to land their dream job at top tech companies.

2. Competitive Programmers:

Enthusiasts participating in coding competitions and contests seeking more challenging problems.

3. Students and Professionals:

Students studying computer science and professionals looking to stay sharp on coding skills.

4. Interview Coaches and Mentors:

Coaches and mentors guiding others in their interview preparation.

How to Get LeetCode Premium:

LeetCode Premium is a subscription-based service, and users can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. The subscription fee unlocks all premium features for the duration of the subscription. Users can upgrade to LeetCode Premium directly from their LeetCode account.


LeetCode Premium is a powerful resource for those who want to elevate their coding skills and excel in technical interviews. With its exclusive problems, mock interviews, and ad-free experience, LeetCode Premium offers a comprehensive learning environment for serious learners. While the free version of LeetCode provides a vast collection of problems, LeetCode Premium takes the learning experience to the next level, making it a worthwhile investment for individuals committed to mastering algorithmic problem-solving.

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