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Crunchyroll specialises in Japanese animation. It's available worldwide and boasts the largest online collection of licenced anime. There are currently 80 million registered users and 3 million paying customers. Most of Crunchyroll's material is free, making it unique in the market.
You can watch your favourite anime series and movies on your computer, tablet, or television by signing up for a free account. Many additional platforms and PCs, such as Xbox and PlayStation, may access Crunchyroll.

In contrast, what are you going to watch? There are a large number of anime movies on Crunchyroll's website. One Piece and Gundam are just two of the many well-known anime series that can be found here.

Crunchyroll Premium: Is It Worth it?

According to what was indicated before, most of Crunchyroll's content is available for free. However, there are three premium tiers available, each with its own set of perks. Here are the key varieties and how you can choose the ideal strategy for you in their various forms. There is no cost to join.

For those who are new to Japanese animation, the best option is usually to sign up for a free membership. Most of the accessible content may be watched in 480p or HD on this device. Because this is an ad-supported subscription, you should expect to see commercials while viewing anime or reading manga in this format. Watching new seasons may require a little more patience.


Crunchyroll Fan is a great option for anime enthusiasts who prefer to watch without commercial interruptions. Additionally, this streaming service provides access to all of the anime, comics, and dramas that are now available. Simulcasts and simulpubs allow you to access fresh content as soon as it is released.

Fan enhances the viewing experience by allowing you to watch your favourite shows in high definition (720p and 1080p). Only one concurrent stream can be open at any given time.

It costs $7.99 a month for the Crunchyroll Fan subscription, which comes with a 14-day free trial.

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This subscription package includes everything in the Fan tier, along with the addition of four concurrent streams per account. Specifically, you will be able to watch anime offline with this plan. You can also get a $15 discount on any $100 one-time order in the Crunchyroll Store every three months.
Crunchyroll Mega Fan costs $9.99 a month and comes with a 14-day free trial.

The Ultimate Fan category includes all of the items in the Fan and Mega Fan kits. It is possible to view up to six streams simultaneously with the Ultimate Fan subscription. A special swag bag and an exclusive Hime Nendoroid figure are also available each year.

You will receive a $25 discount on any one-time purchase of $100 or more in the Crunchyroll Store every three months. Crunchyroll Expo events and lotteries will be available to Ultimate Fan subscribers first starting in 2021, as well.

Ultimate Fan costs $14.99 a month and includes a 14-day free trial period.

Features of Crunchyroll's Premium Plan

  1. New features in Crunchyroll Beta include an improved search function, a redesigned interface, and a new app called Crunchylists for creating curated lists.
  2. Those who are eligible for Crunchyroll Premium can sign up by clicking on a header image at the top of the website.
  3. Currently, the beta is only available to 20% of all Premium users in the United States, but it will soon be available to all Premium and free tier members. The organisation intends to release additional information as soon as it becomes available.
  4. Let's start with the homepage. The new homepage is more in line with subscription platforms in terms of configuration and organisation because it relies on customised reviews. A recommendation can be flexible or pre-planned.
  5. These may sound similar, but they're not the same. Based on a person's watch history, dynamic recommendations are made. Because you saw Dr. Stone, you might enjoy Black Clover or The Rising of the Shield Hero. A theme is the basis for theme-driven guidelines. In this category, you'll find shows like Hanebado and Eyeshield 21, as well as others like Iwatobi Swim Club.
  6. Similar to other websites, these tips are arranged in rows on the dashboard, and users will scroll through them. The layout resembles that of HBO Max, which has sections for popular shows ("the Friends collection") and user-submitted suggestions.
  7. As a result of the revamped home page, it is easier than ever to find watchlists and unique display sites. Changes to the search tool, such as browsing simulcasts, new anime, and searching through translated or translated options, are also being implemented in the beta version of Crunchyroll in an effort to make it more user-friendly.
  8. Crunchyroll's new designs all appear to be geared towards making the site feel more personal. Additionally, subscribers will be able to choose from a wide variety of avatars and equaliser images based on their favourite shows, just like Netflix and Disney Plus.
  9. In addition to the new Crunchylist features, subscribers will also have access to the latest Crunchylist functionality. You can add any episode or series from a specific show to a list and arrange it in any way you like. Personal, firsthand observations could be made by watching one of the many Gundam series that are available, for example.
  10. Everyone in the big media companies is trying to get into the streaming business, and every successful streaming site, like Crunchyroll, has more than 4 million paying customers. By making it easier for customers and potential customers to choose what they want to watch, Crunchyroll Premium can encourage them to spend more time on the service.

Be familiar with Crunchyroll

You can watch classics like One Piece and Gundam here, but it's also the best place to watch the newest releases. It's possible to watch new episodes of popular Japanese television shows just an hour after they air in Japan, thanks to the availability of "simulcasts."
Even if you don't speak any Japanese, there are subtitles and dubbed versions for each episode.

The selection at Crunchyroll is a little slimmer, but there are still some excellent anime shows to choose from. There are always new titles to choose from in the Asian drama genre, as well.

The manga (Japanese comics) based on your favourite anime is a great way to pass the time until the next season is released.

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