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Whether you're a seasoned SoloLearn app user looking to expand your coding repertoire or a newbie getting ready to start your coding career, you've probably heard the old adage "practise makes perfect." More practise opportunities, just like learning to ride a bike or becoming a chef, are the key to accelerating your coding career and gaining the experience you need to start building your own apps or websites.

A SoloLearn PRO account provides a plethora of resources, opportunities, and features that can assist you in achieving your programming objectives more quickly. SoloLearn PRO is designed specifically for committed coding learners who are ready to invest in their own coding career. It provides access to a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to apply skills learned in academic coursework, practise real coding with "fingers-on" learning, and connect with a large community of fellow learners and experienced programmers to fill knowledge gaps.

What do I get for my time and money with SoloLearn PRO?

There are numerous free options available on the internet to begin learning how to code, but SoloLearn PRO provides a comprehensive learning resource package that can save you a significant amount of time and money while still assisting you in achieving your coding goals. Here are a few reasons why it's worthwhile to make the investment:

1. SoloLearn will help you become a better developer by providing you with access to more courses in more languages and the ability to supplement your own coding knowledge whenever you want.
2. With unlimited practise opportunities, including the ability to write real code in the app, you can actually hone the skills you learn in the courses.
3. You can smoothly progress from skill to skill and project to project with a learning experience free of paywalls, ads, or restrictions on accessing content.
4. The ability to set daily learning objectives in order to stay accountable and motivated.
5. With access to the world's largest coding learner and developer community, you can begin generating leads for potential future jobs or projects as you continue your code training.

What features are included with SoloLearn PRO?

When you begin your SoloLearn PRO subscription, you gain access to an impressive set of features. Here are just a few examples:

1. With access to all Code Coach Challenges throughout the SoloLearn app, you have unlimited practise opportunities. With multiple levels of difficulty to choose from, you can master key concepts from your courses while also improving your skills.
2. Access to practise opportunities within individual lessons for the Python, C#, C++, JavaScript, and Java courses, as well as others that will be added soon.
3. An ad-free experience that eliminates distractions while you study and practise with the SoloLearn app.
4. The ability to set daily learning goals to help motivate you and track your progress in learning.
5. Personalized reports on your progress towards your learning objectives to keep you on track.
6. View all visitors to your profile as well as all nearby fellow learners for networking purposes. You can immerse yourself in a vibrant coding community by connecting with peers and seeing who is viewing your profile.
7. On your profile, you will see a SoloLearn PRO badge.

What benefits can SoloLearn PRO deliver for you?

Still unsure about how SoloLearn PRO can help you advance in your programming career? So, here are some statistics to back it up!

1. Did you know that SoloLearn PRO new users complete 42% more lessons in their first week than non-PRO new users?
2. During their first week on the app, SoloLearn PRO users are twice as likely to stick to their learning plans.
3. 85 percent of SoloLearn PRO students use the "Try it Yourself" code editor within individual lessons. This is more than 100 percent higher than the average user, indicating that PRO users are the most motivated students.
4. Far more than normal users, 25% of all SoloLearn PRO subscribers attempt the more difficult (and rewarding) Code Coach Challenges. This demonstrates the level of commitment and learning rewards that SoloLearn PRO users enjoy.
5. Subscribers to SoloLearn PRO who set daily learning goals have the highest rate of lesson completion — more than 92 percent!
6. SoloLearn PRO subscribers also earn twice as many course completion certificates as non-PRO users, giving PRO users access to a much larger network of potential job and project opportunities!

What else can you expect from joining SoloLearn PRO?

Aside from the numerous learner benefits of a SoloLearn PRO membership, anyone using the SoloLearn app will benefit from the innovative SoloLearn approach to teaching how to code. What distinguishes SoloLearn from other online coding courses?

1. A wide range of programming language courses, including front-end or back-end development, database design and architecture, machine learning, Internet of Things work, data science, and any other technology career you can imagine!
2. A vibrant learner community where you can collaborate with other students, ask questions, set coding challenges, and network with people from all over the world.
3. In addition to your coursework, a robust Code Playground provides a variety of options for practising with live code and honing your skills.
4. There is a wealth of support and resources available to help you advance your coding career once you have progressed beyond the beginner level.

SoloLearn is committed to assisting you in learning valuable coding skills, and the SoloLearn PRO option is the best way to "supercharge" your learning and get the most out of what SoloLearn has to offer!

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