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The Xbox Game Pass service is enjoying a successful year so far in 2022. It's still the simplest way to stay up to date with gaming without going overboard, whether you're playing brand-new games like Nobody Saves the World or classics like Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Every month, new games are added to the programme, and many of them are playable on several Xbox platforms as well as PC thanks to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Great games like Skyrim and Fallout 3 were added to Game Pass as a result of Microsoft's Bethesda acquisition. With Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard still in the works, many anticipate similar developments for titles like Overwatch, Diablo 3, and perhaps even World of Warcraft.

The best third-party and independent games available, such as Watch Dogs 2 and Mass Effect Legendary Edition, are available through Game Pass in addition to first-party day-and-date releases and Xbox Studios games.

Game Pass can be a little difficult to understand due to its immense size and the wealth of options it provides. But we're here to support you. Here are the 29 Xbox Game Pass and PC titles you should play if you're a member of Microsoft's premier service.


The second of Playdead's understated side-scrollers is within. Inside is entirely about the horror people may inflict upon one another, as opposed to Limbo, the studio's earlier game, which focused on the hazards of nature.

You play a little boy in a red shirt exploring a huge factory/secret lab in the video game Inside. You'll traverse a variety of environments while exploring, using platforms, and solving puzzles, and you'll probably encounter a few quick and unexpected deaths along the way. It's gloomy and dark in here. It's frightening but also lovely, like the fish angler's lure. Your interest is sufficiently piqued that you will continue moving through despite the horrors until you see the credits.

The spooky atmosphere and imagery of Inside make it a difficult experience to describe without giving anything away. So utilise your Game Pass membership and launch Inside unspoilt and fresh.


The ideal game to play while lounging on the couch is PowerWash Simulator. You are a professional power washer, as the name implies, and it is your responsibility to use your cleaning equipment to remove oil, dirt, and goop off buildings, vehicles, and even entire playgrounds.

PowerWash Simulator generally adopts a simple approach; you power wash things, nothing more, nothing less. There are some modest upgrading and cash systems. It's essentially just about keeping things clean, although you can apply for specialised jobs that require you to wash unusual objects like a Mars rover. Furthermore, although it may seem like tedious yard work, doing it is actually incredibly contemplative.

One of the largest serotonin surges I've experienced from a piece of media in years came from blasting the black film off of a vibrant slide. After a stressful week, I can always unwind playing this lovely, tranquil game.


Not only is Watch Dogs 2 the best game in the Watch Dogs trilogy, but it's also one of the best open-world games Ubisoft has released in a long time.

In Watch Dogs 2, you play as hacker Marcus Holloway who is a member of the hacktivist collective DedSec in San Francisco. To hack things remotely, you'll use your RC car and drone, or you'll sneak around and utilise your phone. You can even use an eight-ball on a rope or a stun pistol to deal substantial harm if the situation becomes too risky.

Even if Watch Dogs 2's script struggles at times when it tries to be serious or make a statement about the dystopian police-state future its people were dreading, the game's heroes give it enough personality that even the fool wearing the helmet with emoji eyes is likeable.


A classic Turtles brawler is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge. This is the Turtles game that kids would be envisioning if you could hear them talking about it while playing the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade cabinet at a neighbourhood pizza joint in 1989 or Turtles in Time in 1991.

However, Shredder's Revenge has some aspects that set it apart from the coin-operated arcade period more than 30 years later. The nostalgic elements are modernised by the inclusion of a globe map, side missions, new heroes, experience points, and online matchmaking. Shredder's Revenge does a good job of striking a balance between the old and revamped worlds.

It's the ideal Game Pass game to play with friends at a sleepover because it only has 16 "episodes" - provided there is pizza, of course.


Even though Assassin's Creed Origins has always been good, I didn't start to think of it as exceptional until three years after its release.

It's a fantastic blend of open-ended warfare, science fiction storytelling, and historical travel. Furthermore, it exhibits a level of assurance that the more recent Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Assassin's Creed Valhalla can only partially match. Origins is content to keep great tracts of its world unfilled and to let things burn slowly, in ways that are both narrative and exploratory, in contrast to the two most recent editions, which embrace the unsteady mentality of "content" that has so defined the last decade of open-world games. Its two key characters, Bayek and Aya, navigate one of the most captivating romantic journeys in video games as its map spreads across deserts, mountains, oases, and sun-swept cities slowly being buried in sand. Daily quests and DLC packs with cosmetic changes are not entirely off limits. Though it's a rare open-world game that can hold my interest. It realises that the best distractions its successors can offer me are pastoral beauty and tragic tale that have been skilfully braided together. Michael Mahardy


Space-based hyper-stylized role-playing game called Citizen Sleeper. You're stranded on a space station in a capitalist society. To survive the fall of corporatocracy and the ensuing chaos, you'll need to manage your time, energy, and relationships. You'll use dice and make choices in order to earn money and assist those around you.

The diverse cast of unique personalities in Citizen Sleeper makes every interaction memorable in addition to the intriguing scenario. It continues a fantastic trend of tabletop-inspired games that enable you to set your own goals and to enjoy the narrative even when things go wrong. It's full with nail-biting choices, superb language, and arresting imagery.


A photographic game called Umurangi Generation is set in the "shitty future." In a depressing metropolis, players can walk around capturing images of the surroundings and identifying tale beats by analysing their surroundings.

Taking pictures of the game’s bizarre but intriguing art style keeps the game interesting, but it’s the story and setting that makes Umurangi Generation memorable. It takes place in a city where militaristic mechs dispatched by the government are in control. As a photographer, you capture images of your friends while also recording a grim future of oppression, resistance, and an epidemic.

It's expertly done and, with its stinging social critique, hits home.


You are encouraged to "become the bullet hell" by Vampire Survivors.

The only things you can control in the game are the character you choose, the items you pick for your run, and the movement of your chosen character. Knives, whips, fires, magic bolts, bibles, or holy water, depending on your weapon of choice, fly out of your character in all directions, decimating hordes or pixelated movie creatures, earning you money for your next journey.

Vampire Survivors is one of the top video games of 2022 while appearing to be really straightforward. It successfully straddles the line between serene and demanding and demands just the right amount of focus for success. Additionally, it encourages skill development and roguelite progression, making each run slightly different from the last.


On the interactive film Her Story, you may look through historical police interrogations in a database. The objective is to find discrepancies in an ancient missing person case in order to solve it. Hannah Smith, the missing man's wife, is the topic. Players can piece together the narrative and look for answers over several hours of interviews that are scheduled at various times.

Her Story is worth playing just for the format; but, what really sets it apart is how it allows you to outsmart the previous database system. Each player could watch the movies in a different order, arriving at a different conclusion because there are so many potential ways to solve the puzzle.

Her Story is the kind of game that sticks with you long after you've finished it, even if you don't remember all the specific plot points.


Without the Halo first-person shooter series, which contributed to the success of local competitive multiplayer on consoles before moving the party online with the introduction of Xbox Live, the Xbox brand might not have gained traction. Several Halo games are included in the Master Chief Collection package, all of which have been upgraded to remain entertaining for contemporary players.

But the collection's outstanding feature is how many different methods there are to play. The campaigns can be completed on your own. Co-op lets you share the storylines of the games with a partner, either online or through split-screen play, if you want to play with a friend but don't want to compete. If you do want to compete, you can do it locally on the same TV with up to three other players, or you can go online and challenge a larger audience.

No of how you choose to play them, these are some of the greatest first-person shooter games that have ever been produced. It's been a wonderful experience playing these games with my kids over local co-op, and this bundle offers so many games with a variety of settings and options. Once the collection is installed on your hard drive, it is challenging to envision ever becoming bored or removing it.


In Slay the Spire, I take on one of three distinct characters and battle my way across a map that is generated at random, complete with battles, chests of riches, and RPG-style encounters. Combat is comparable to that of a turn-based RPG, but I choose cards from a character's unique deck of cards rather than choosing attacks and spells from a menu. I can strike, defend, cast spells, and employ special abilities thanks to these cards. Each character has their own unique collection of cards, which significantly alters how they play the game.

I also learnt to defy my preconceived notions about the kinds of decks I ought to construct. A thematic deck with cards that compliment one another is essential to deck-building games. This is simple to accomplish in card games like Magic: The Gathering because all of your planning takes place beforehand rather than during a game, as it does in Slay the Spire. I cannot enter each run with a specific deck-building objective in mind because I am handed a random collection of cards to build a deck from at the conclusion of each encounter. Based on the cards I have available to me following a combat, I have to make hasty decisions on my long-term deck plans. The key to Slay the Spire is to think more strategically and creatively than you would in a conventional card game. Jim Ramos


Even though Among Us was first released in 2018, it wasn't until the events of 2020 that it truly took off. With up to 10 players, you can race around each level trying to complete objectives as an imposter (or several) tries to kill everyone else covertly. It's just a silly spin on The Thing that has been weaponized as a multiplayer online game with several degrees of strategy. Half the fun is seeing the imposter try to get away with it by talking their way out of it at emergency meetings.

The thought that there are so many games available, with so many different titles available across so many different platforms, and that the nearly ideal game for any circumstance appears to already exist... someplace — is wonderful. In this instance, it was discovered and saved from relative obscurity, and if you want to assemble a team, there is even a free-to-play iOS and Android version that can connect with PC gamers.

In a time when so many individuals are struggling to remain creative or have any hope at all, the idea of all those undiscovered talents waiting to be given a second opportunity is consoling.


Another game with a tonne of options to play is Tetris Effect: Connected, which is equally simple to match with players who would be frightened by most other games.

The main objective of the game is to stop the falling shapes before your tower reaches the top by flipping the pieces, making solid horizontal lines across the board, and watching them vanish. However, the ad includes lovely music and pulsing, moving visual elements that assist elevate the experience to new levels of comfort and fulfilment. Both literally and symbolically, it's Tetris with a pulse.

This game's online modes let you play with or against other players to hone your skills or brush up on your fundamentals. You can choose to play solely for the soothing effects of the music and graphics, or you can change the game's settings until the experience is down to just ability and reaction time. It's up to you how you play and what you get out of it. As much a platform as it is a game, Tetris Effect: Connected offers you numerous ways to experience one of the greatest puzzle games ever made.

Tetris Effect: Connected may demonstrate the capabilities of your home theater's image and sound systems, yes, but it also demonstrates that truly innovative game design is timeless. Tetris may get improved in the future, but it will be difficult to surpass this edition. B. Kuchera


In the video game Minecraft, everything appears to be constructed of big, square bricks, and you may gather resources and utilise them to create whatever you want out of those blocks.

There isn't much left to say about Minecraft that hasn't already been said, but the game is still widely played online and, in my experience, has the power to keep my kids entertained like no other game can. They skip over the survival mode and jump right into creative, treating it like a split-screen universe where they can construct whatever they want without having to worry about running out of Legos.


By placing you in the role of Zagreus, the son of the Greek god of death, Hades transports you to the Greek underworld. Being Hades' child, though, and spending all of eternity in hell, stinks. You must therefore fight your way out of the pit repeatedly (with the aid of your pious aunts, uncles, and cousins).

In addition to being a fantastic roguelite, Hades won Polygon's 2020 game of the year award for its story and aesthetic. You return to Hades' mansion defeated after every failed adventure. However, you can have conversations with each member of your house before leaving again. Sure, having these discussions gives you valuable advantages to help you escape your father's controlling influence, but they also allow you create your environment in a unique way that few other roguelites do.

Games by Supergiant Games are known for fusing gameplay with style and narrative. Its finest creation to date is Hades.

The nicest kind of quaintness can be found in Stardew Valley.

You inherit a farm from your grandfather at the beginning of the game, and you later relocate to a tranquil town to take over the dwindling acres. You put in the following 10, 20, 50, or more hours of labour to transform that farm into a contemporary utopia.

On Game Pass, this is without a doubt the most calming title. You merely have to plant seeds, take care of animals, mine some rocks, and make friends with the locals. Even though there is a lot of drama to be had, including the Wal-Mart-like JojaMart and an army of slimes trying to prevent you from mining, you will eventually pass out in your farmhouse and prepare to plant more strawberries the following morning.


A remembrance of the past is provided by Age of Empires 4. A historical empires vs. empires real-time strategy game is played on the PC. It features a number of campaigns that are narrated like historical documentaries as well as online skirmishes where you may face off against pals.

However, there are a tonne of other classic RTS games available. Age of Empires 4 is unique because it was released in 2021. It is a game made to remind players of the things they like about RTS games when they were popular over ten years ago, but it trades out dated sprites for gorgeous graphics and fluid gameplay.


The independent group behind the Guacamelee titles, DrinkBox Studios, has created a fun RPG called Nobody Saves the World. You control a strange, white husk that has the extraordinary capacity to change into a variety of species. You can enhance the forms you already have and unlock new ones by completing quests.

Strange and humorous describe Nobody Saves the World. It's absurd and vibrant. Additionally, the gameplay loop is superb. Each form has a unique gameplay style, and you can further hone your playstyle by utilising skills and advantages from other forms. To find bizarre ability combinations, fight foes, or solve puzzles, you'll need to experiment.

Nobody Saves the World, which is the ideal Game Pass title to purchase for the weekend, is something truly remarkable that DrinkBox has created.


In the game "Unpacking," you unpack your possessions and arrange them in a room. Each object has a number of possible placements, so it's up to you to furnish your room in an appropriate manner. It helps you turn turmoil into order and is both peaceful and cathartic.

But Unpacking's environmental storytelling is where it really shines. As you follow a single character through their life, you'll see how they develop from a little child to a college student to a struggling young adult with a lover who won't give them an apartment. Only through their goods do you ever engage with the individual, and this lets you observe how their life evolves as evidenced by their deteriorating plush animals or the toothbrush cup they lug from house to house.

DOOM (2016)

With speed, acrobatics, and an unbeatable soundtrack, Doom from 2016 improves on one of the oldest series in gaming history. Doomguy uses a large chainsaw, a variety of guns, grenades, melee attacks, and other weapons to rip devils off of Mars. He travels very swiftly.

The game is shockingly humorous, brutally metal, and gory. Doom's extensive campaign doesn't have a single boring level, giving you the impression that you are a powerful being capable of overcoming any obstacle it may present.


The Mass Effect franchise was enormous for the Xbox 360 period, but it didn't translate well to later platforms; buying and downloading the complete tale on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X proved difficult and expensive. However, the Mass Effect trilogy was finally made available as a single package in 2021's Legendary Edition.

A futuristic military hero named Commander Shepard is the focus of the narrative. He is charged with recruiting a group of alien misfits for a number of missions. With stand-alone plots and stand-out characters that don't depend on the series' overarching plot, each game is exquisitely made. As a trilogy, the games add to one another with significant decisions that influence the subsequent instalment, giving your decisions weight.

Whether this is your first or fifth attempt to save the galaxy, playing Mass Effect in its Legendary Edition is a must.


The sequel to one of the most adored roguelikes ever created is called Spelunky 2. The sequel is still a challenging, treasure-hunting adventure, but this time it takes place on the moon rather than on Earth. You'll be running across various biomes collecting treasure, beating up foes, and trying to avoid being killed by various traps.

Spelunky is challenging, and getting acclimated to its delicate controls might be challenging. However, those two game mechanics combine to create a rewarding loop that punishes the player as frequently as it rewards them. Those successes give you the impression that you are getting away with something, like when Indiana Jones manages to grab his hat while narrowly avoiding being slammed under a door.


It would be an understatement to say that Total War: Warhammer 3 is ambitious. It's not just the biggest game in the trio of strategy games; it's also the most audacious. With the help of ethereal bear monsters and venomous nurgling armies, you must conquer two distinct realms in the game's opening campaign before defending your domain back on solid ground.


The less spoken about the vast mystery that is Outer Wilds, the better.

In essence, your tiny solar system terminates and then begins every 22 minutes. Your task is to figure out why that's taking place and piece together the information so you can make an effort to stop it.

The game Outer Wilds is entirely focused on information collection. There are simply knowledge points and there is no combat. However, that information will lead you to strange and intriguing places. When you're done, you'll wish you could replay it all and wipe the previous parts from your memory.


A classic is Skyrim, also known as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And even though you can play it right now on practically every system and gadget known to man, it's still worthwhile playing on Game Pass if you've never tried it or just want to take another trip through its expansive globe.

The majority of Bethesda RPGs are first-person shooters, and Skyrim is no exception. There are dungeons to explore, tales to learn, and numerous guilds to join. Skyrim rewards you for being interested, but you may also veer off the established road and find your own enjoyment. It's the kind of Game Pass title you can play for many hours without getting tired of.


The newest racing game to be released for Xbox and Game Pass is Forza Horizon 5. There are some of the most lifelike-looking cars you've ever seen in this visual feast. The Horizon series is so much more than just its visuals, as anyone who enjoys any of these Forza games will attest.

In the game Horizon 5, which is set in a fictionalised version of Mexico, you can choose any vehicle you want to use to go around a vast map. Off-roading allows you to operate a superb sports vehicle or a hummer off a sizable ramp.

You may choose how and where to drive in Forza Horizon 5 while seated inside a variety of spectacular vehicles.


Some of the best sandbox puzzle games ever created are Hitman, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3. As Agent 47, you'll scale buildings, snoop during events, and use a variety of weapons to assassinate debutantes and spies. You can play on more than a dozen different landscapes thanks to the recent World of Assassination trilogy from IO Interactive, which is available on Game Pass.

Despite being about violence and murder, the Hitman series maintains a sense of humour and enjoyment with its absurd circumstances and crazy physics. If you want to have some fun while being covert or just want to watch what happens when you drop a huge chandelier on a bunch of snobbish jerks, this series is ideal.


A sweet little Souls-like game is Death's Door. You take on the role of a raven who serves as the afterlife's administrative arm's equivalent of the grim reaper. It's your responsibility to travel the planet and kill a few bosses. The characters and world of Death's Door are endearing, and there are great dungeons to explore and puzzles to solve. Additionally, there are enormous foes that will put your talents and endurance to the test.

Death's Door yet exudes a welcoming atmosphere. With simple-to-understand adversary and boss patterns, it helps you along the way because it wants you to succeed. It's a fantastic, difficult Game Pass game to get started on before moving on to even more difficult games.


A game like Guardians of the Galaxy shouldn't function at all. But Guardians of the Galaxy manages to weave a moving tale that gives each Guardian plenty of room to breathe in a world overrun with Marvel content and popular renditions of these characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a decent action game that lets you discharge your trademark double pistols while flying through the air on Star Lord's jet boots. The game, like the narrative, shines most when everyone on the squad is playing well together. As Star Lord, you can order Rocket to destroy a large group of enemies or Drax to stun an opponent.

Because Guardians of the Galaxy offers a single player experience that is nevertheless centred on pals, it excels over previous group-based Marvel games. Every Guardian has a role to perform, both in conversation and in battle, and this makes for one of the best comic book games ever.

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