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Wordtune is a writing tool driven by artificial intelligence that assists users in refining their writing style. Wordtune gives you insightful recommendations to enhance the coherence and flow of your writing by taking into account the context of what you've written.

Wordtune is definitely worth trying out if you have an idea but lack the words to express it clearly, if you write a sentence or word and are unsure if it conveys your intended meaning clearly, if you want to improve the flow of your writing and make it sound more professional, or if you want to translate and rewrite text into English at the same time.

Benefits of Wordtune for students

Wordtune can help kids write more effectively and communicate more effectively in writing. Students will study a variety of vocabulary items at the vocabulary level and see how these terms are utilised in real-world communication situations. One of the best methods to improve memory and retention is through real usage vocabulary practise, which Wordtune provides in place of vocabulary drills.

Grammar-wise, Wordtune's grammatical recommendations assist students in editing their writing, spotting grammatical errors, and offering improved solutions for phrase syntactic problems.

Rewrite ideas might assist students in exploring other wording options for their texts and paraphrasing them to improve the clarity of their work. For EFL students in particular, Wordtune's translation service is quite beneficial. It allows them to directly convert material into English from other languages.

How does Wordtune work?

Installing the plugin or launching the online editor in a web browser are the first steps in using Wordtune. Create an account—it costs nothing to register. Enter text into the field after logging in, highlight words or sentences, and then click the purple button above your selection to see rewrite options for that particular text.

Wordtune offers suggestions in three categories: vocabulary (which includes synonyms for frequently used words and suggestions for substituting specific words for generic ones), clarity (which suggests breaking up long sentences into smaller ones when necessary), and fluency (which enhances the flow of your writing).

Wordtune Features

Wordtune provides a wide vareity of interesting features including:


Wordtune provides rewrite suggestions based on the context of your writing. It offers alternative ways to phrase your sentences, words, or phrases.

2- Casual and Formal tone

This is a premium feature which helps users change the tone of their writing according to their needs. Wordtune can help make your message more formal or more casual.

3- Shorten and Expand

Another premium feature which helps users either cut or expand their text.

4- Translate and rewrite simultaneously

Translation is available only to English. Wordtune translates and rewrites text from Spanish, Madarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, and Russian into English.


My take

Wordtune is a fantastic writing aid driven by artificial intelligence, however it is missing a few crucial aspects that I think are necessary for the best possible writing experience. Among these features, the plagiarism checker is the most crucial. The integration of an automatic plagiarism detector, similar to Grammarly Business and other writing helpers, would have greatly enhanced Wordtune's functionality.

Wordtune gives a fairly vague response when asked if it uses ideas from outside sources, saying that it "uses AI technology to rewrite your own original sentence in new ways, rather than taking content directly from other literature."

Because of this, I strongly advise anyone utilising Wordtune in their writing to utilise a plagiarism detector to further ensure that no unintentionally misquoted material is present. The style editor, citation search, mobile apps, and offline operation are among the other capabilities that Wordtune lacks.

Final thoughts

Wordtune is a fascinating application that uses AI to improve your writing in a variety of ways. It is especially useful for students who want to improve their writing abilities because it provides specific advice on grammar and vocabulary. This is about developing your style and linguistic proficiency, not just fixing errors.

Even if Wordtune has a lot to offer, there are some drawbacks. It is a little disappointing not to include capabilities like a style editor and plagiarism detector, especially in comparison to other all-inclusive writing tools like Grammarly Business. However, it's important to remember that no tool can solve every writing problem.

These kinds of tools, in my experience, can greatly speed up the writing process, but in order to cover all the areas, they should be utilised in tandem with other resources. To be more precise, I would suggest combining Wordtune's services with a specialised plagiarism detector to guarantee the authenticity of your writing.

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