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While opinions disagree on whether or not artificial intelligence will replace authors, everyone agrees that it will affect them in some way. As a content writer or content marketer, it is preferable to be an early adopter and streamline your workflow with an AI writing assistant.

I evaluated numerous tools in order to select the optimal one for my content development routine. In this piece, I discuss my top AI content authoring tools. This AI writing software purchasing guide will hopefully make your decision easier.

How do you use AI in content writing?

AI can generate content ideas, develop article outlines, produce headlines, and even generate the initial draught. AI tools are growing in use in digital marketing. With the assistance of AI writing assistants, content marketers are able to produce more material with fewer resources. Material creators may concentrate on being creative and producing emotionally engaging content.

What is an AI writing tool?

Tools for writing with artificial intelligence (AI) are systems that are taught on human-written material and then programmed to generate original content. These programmes generate output using machine learning and natural language creation. These tools can be used for copywriting, SEO writing, customer assistance, and automated emailing, among other things. Some artificial intelligence writing software incorporates a plagiarism detector to ensure that the resulting text is unique.

Best AI writing software (deep-dive)

Frase AI writer

Frase is an artificial intelligence writer that combines SEO characteristics and AI content creation. The AI writing assistant examines the previous 3000 characters to ensure that the output text is contextually relevant.

It employs artificial intelligence and natural language processing to examine the topic coverage of the highest-ranking websites. Once the analysis is complete, you are provided with a list of keywords and phrases to include in your content in order to rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Using Frase's outliner, you can simply generate an article structure. You can manually construct a content brief, or the programme can produce one for you. In addition, it includes content brief templates that you may use as a basis for your next blog post.

If you subscribe to the SEO add-on, the domain authority and backlinks associated with each ranking page will be displayed. It is useful to determine a keyword phrase's SEO competitiveness (both content and links).

Key advantages: The key advantage of Frase is that it uses a proprietary content writing technology, so it doesn’t have the usual topic limitations of normal GPT3-based AI writers. It comes with SEO content optimization features, so you won’t have to pay for an additional SEO tool like Surfer SEO or MarketMuse. You can train and build your templates, giving you complete flexibility.

Cons: Frase is focused on SEO copywriting, so it might not be a good fit if you’re looking to write other forms of copy like ad copy or press release — unless you’re willing to build your templates.

Best use case: long-form content with a focus on SEO

Plans and pricing: Frase offers three plans: basic, team, and enterprise.

Frase AI pricing

The basic plan consists of 1 user seat, 30 document credits, and unlimited document sharing. This plan costs $44.99/month and $39.99/month if paid annually. The team plan costs $114.99/month and is meant for content teams that need advanced functionality.

The team plan comes with 3 user seats, unlimited document credits and sharing as well as google docs integration.

The enterprise plan on the other hand is for enterprise in-house and agency SEO teams growing at scale. This is a custom plan consisting of unlimited user seats in addition to unlimited document sharing and credits. Other features are google docs integration, API access, and custom onboarding. Frase AI is free to use with a 7-day trial period for the premium version.

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI and Conversion AI)

Jasper AI was formerly known as Conversion AI. Following a merger with Shortly AI, the company's name was changed to Jarvis AI. After a copyright complaint by Marvel Studios, they were compelled to change their name to Jasper AI.

Jasper is an AI writing programme driven by the GPT3-based AI technology of Open AI. The AI output is comparable to that of the majority of other GPT3-based tools, but it is faster and has a more intuitive interface. The Jasper boss mode has a long-form editor, which better comprehends context because it examines 3000 characters back. The AI-based authoring experience is much enhanced in Jasper AI boss mode due to the editor's support for free-form commands. Read my comprehensive Jasper AI review to see each template in action.

Key advantages: The AI writer comes with many pre-built templates and integrates with a wide range of tools. The team is developing the tool at breakneck speed, so the software will only improve over time.

Cons: The AI writer is GPT3-based, so it has topic restrictions. So it might not be a good fit if you write about sensitive topics like sexual wellness and health. Jasper does not come with in-built SEO features like Frase, so you’ll have to pay for a third-party SEO tool. The good news is that they have a direct integration with Surfer SEO, so you don’t need to copy and paste your content between the two applications.

Plans and pricing: Jasper AI charges based on the number of words you write. You have two choices, the starter plan and boss mode. The starter plan costs $29/month for the first 20,000 words, then it increases based on the word count. It includes 50+ AI copywriting templates, unlimited user logins, and unlimited projects. Boss mode includes all the features of the starter plan plus the long-form document editor, and free-form commands. There’s a 100% money-back guarantee on Jasper plans if you inform the team within 5 days of purchase.

Jarvis AI pricing

Best use cases: AI copywriting, sales copy, product descriptions, and marketing copy, such as email copy and social media posts. You can use it to write long-form content if you’re willing to pay for a third-party tool.

Wordtune AI writing assistant

Wordtune isn’t an AI writer in the traditional sense since you can’t use it to write paragraphs of text by feeding it a topic. As the brand name implies, it’s designed to fine-tune your sentences.

Key advantages: It’s incredibly helpful for perfecting your sentences because the underlying AI technology looks for context within a sentence or paragraph. You can choose a casual or formal tone when you’re rewriting your content.

Best use case: Editing and polishing your content to make it sound more natural. Creating variations of your social media posts.

Cons: Wordtune doesn’t have the same bells and whistles that the other AI writing software on our list have. It won’t be a good match if you’re looking for an AI writer that does most of the heavy lifting for you.

Plans and pricing:

You can choose between a free tier and a premium tier that has more features. The free plan allows 20 rewrites per day. They have a premium plan for individuals and a premium plan for teams. Individual plans are $9.99/month and include unlimited rewrites, casual and formal tones, shorten and expand features. The team plan includes the same features as the individual plan, but with premium support and team billing.


Grammarly is a prominent AI writing helper utilised by students and professionals. It identifies grammar errors and provides feedback on how to correct them. It is extremely beneficial to maintain high-quality content even as you scale up your content production. Even experienced copywriters and content writers can benefit from being alerted to simple errors they might otherwise ignore. Similar to other writing programmes, Grammarly is not intended to replace human editors. It rather complements them. It will at least accelerate the editing process.

Key advantages: Grammarly integrates with almost all popular writing tools including the AI content generators on our list. The Grammarly keyboard works on a mobile device, too. You can choose between American English or UK English based on your needs.

Cons: Grammarly is an AI-powered grammar correction tool, so it won’t work if you’re looking for an AI content generation tool.

Wordtune and Grammarly and ProWritingAid and QuillBot
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