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The current attention span of humans has been so drastically reduced by the proliferation of "instant-dopamine-hit" applications that even goldfish can outperform us!

However, there are several apps that, when used, can increase your productivity to previously unimaginable levels, so there is still hope for you, disciples. While some employ the same negative feedback loop as those "instant-dopamine-hit" programmes, others significantly simplify your life. Let's look at 6 of these amazing apps.

1. Habitica

Habitica is a free productivity and habit-building programme that gamifies real life by treating it as a game. Habitica may assist you in achieving your objectives to turn into a healthy, hard-working, and happy person by providing you with in-game incentives and punishments to drive you and a robust social network to inspire you.

Habitica is merely gamification taken to the next level; it's a tremendously powerful tool for helping you stay motivated, be more productive, and even break bad habits.

The source code is available here because it is an Open Source Project.

2. Forest

An app called Forest might help you maintain your attention on the important aspects of life. The software has many benefits. First off, it's a well-designed programme that, like Habitica, helps turn the abstract concept of turning your attention away from your phone into a fun game.

Even the free edition with advertisements is quite good at keeping you from being distracted even if it has some fantastic features.

The Forest team collaborates with a genuine tree-planting charity, Trees for the Future, to plant actual trees on Earth as a bonus for each tree you develop. The Forest team gives to our partner and places planting orders when users use the virtual money they earn in Forest to purchase real tree plantings.

You not only maintain your attention, but you also have a great effect on the environment! It is accomplishing two goals at once!

3. Cold Turkey

The programme is "The Toughest Website Blocker on the Internet," according to the Cold Turkey team.

You'll be so bored from being blocked from all the games and programmes you don't want to be sidetracked by that working will seem profitable.

You'll be grateful you received some tough love in the future!

4. VS Code

Of fact, without the strength of a solid IDE, a programmer is defenceless.

There is no need to introduce Microsoft's source-code editor, Visual Studio Code.

Despite the fact that it takes a little while to properly learn, once you become accustomed to the capabilities it has to offer, such as multi-cursor, snippets, debuggers, and many more, your productivity will soar beyond the ceiling in a matter of seconds.

For developers of all levels, it's a necessity!

5. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI tool created by GitHub and OpenAI to help users by automatically completing code.

It caused a lot of controversy when it first came out, but now owning it is a given.

GitHub Copilot will produce the code for you once you describe what you need in the comments, potentially saving you hundreds of hours of Google searches and trips to Stack Overflow!

6. Notion

One of the most well-liked and adaptable tools is notion. It's a one-stop shop for productivity, and it's unquestionably among the best tools I've ever used. It can be a database, task management programme, calendar for exercises, writing repository, and so much more.

"The missing half of Slack," claims Notion. Whether you are working alone or with a team, Notion can help you quickly plan projects and organise your thoughts.

Pluralsight and CodeCademy and LeetCode and FrontendMasters and Udemy
At least 50% off from FlexSub

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