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If you're a personal development junkie like me and find a lot of value in Mindvalley's courses, you'll probably enjoy the Mindvalley Membership (formerly called the Mindvalley All Access Pass). When I heard it was going to be released, I knew I had to have it even before I watched the masterclass. I just wasn't sure it'd be as good as they said it would be; however, after purchasing it, I can say that so far, I'm very impressed! Here is my Mindvalley Membership review, as well as my experience and thoughts. I attempted to cover everything, but if you have any questions about Mindvalley or the membership, please leave them in the comments section below.

What Is The Mindvalley Membership?

For an entire year, the Mindvalley Membership grants access to (almost) all of Mindvalley's courses and quests. In other words, all courses, with the exception of Lifebook Online, WildFit, and Unlimited Abundance, are available to Mindvalley Membership members.

Not only that, but you will have access to any brand new upcoming quests for the year, and they have recently released a new quest once a month or so.

What’s Included With The Mindvalley Membership?

When the Mindvalley Membership first became available, I couldn't believe it. How could they provide unrestricted access to nearly all of their courses? They'd never done anything like that in all the years I'd been studying with them.

I sat in on the masterclass. At the end of Vishen's masterclass, I paid close attention as he discussed the Mindvalley Membership. There had to be a catch, I reasoned. I was hoping he'd say you only get access to one quest per month. However, he stated that you can take one quest per day, two quests per day, or whatever you want.

Still, I waited until the full detailed page appeared, about 10 minutes before the masterclass ended, and read it thoroughly.

I was completely taken aback. And I STILL didn't believe it completely. But, when I first signed up for the Mindvalley Membership, it came with a 10-day refund (now it's 15 days), so I wasn't concerned. I'd get a refund if it didn't live up to my expectations.

Mindvalley, by the way, now has a page where you can apply for your own refunds without having to contact support. That's pretty cool, and it's far more convenient than sending emails back and forth.

I've had the Mindvalley Membership for about a year and a half, and it has remained the same since I first purchased it – you can do any quest included with the pass as many times as you want.

On this page, under 'what you'll learn,' you can find a list of the current quests as well as the upcoming quests. It's completely insane.

9 New Features Available With The Mindvalley Membership

Vishen Lakhiani hosted a Zoom video about new Mindvalley Membership features the other day (it's August 26th when I'm writing this updated review). (Update: As of November, Vishen is now creating a number of welcome videos for new membership students, so you'll be able to see what's new with the pass whenever you decide to purchase it.)

I'll keep an eye on Vishen's updates and update this review as needed. It's mind-boggling how much new stuff has been going on with the membership. It's constantly being updated with new content.

Vishen claims that a new feature will be added every month. Mindvalley, in his vision, will be the number one online learning platform within a year.

I can say that they've changed by leaps and bounds since I started on Mindvalley. They are constantly listening to their audience, expanding, and improving, and I can't even imagine what they will be doing in a year. I do know that it will be nearly impossible not to want to stay with the Mindvalley Membership because we are constantly adding new features that increase the value the pass provides.

You can watch Mindvalley quests on Apple TV by downloading a Mindvalley app. There is something called binge mode, which means that every chapter is unlocked, allowing you to complete the entire programme in a single sitting. This is hilarious because Mindvalley moderators always said to take it one day at a time and never do it all at once, but now Vishen says they're giving you the option to do it all at once.

Connections app – This is an app that allows you to connect with other Mindvalley users. It's a networking app that allows you to find people, interact with them, and arrange to meet up with them. Vishen claims that nearly 10,000 people are currently using the app. It's been out for a while, but Vishen mentioned that people are creating more live meetups and zoom meetups than ever before. If you want to host a meetup, you can do so without asking permission. You can search the connections app by occupation, which aids in the formation of mastermind groups. You can see where people are in order to organise meetups or make new friends. You can see all of the events that are taking place and decide whether or not to attend them. Vishen has mentioned dating and the connections app, so you might be able to find your love interest through the app one day.

Mindvalley is constantly adding new live talks. This is similar to Mindvalley University Live, but instead of daily classes, there appear to be a few new classes per week. All of the talks are streamed live on Zoom, allowing you to interact with other students and teachers. On the Mindvalley Calendar, you can see what's coming up. You can also watch the Mindvalley Membership introduction class here. If you miss them, they will be added to your Mindvalley dashboard within a day.

There are new meditation features. This is really neat. Omvana and quests have been combined, so if you have the Mindvalley Membership, you can access every meditation from every quest! Meditations can also be combined. You can, for example, listen to one meditation and then add advanced binaural beats, birds, silva beats, running water, sleep well backgrounds, and many more. You can change the volume of the main meditation as well as the background noise. You can also save it and return to it at any time. That's insane! To do all of this, you must first download the Omvana app. If you have a Mindvalley Membership, you don't need the premium version. You have access to everything.

Facebook is no longer available. Vishen says that they want people to be focused on learning rather than being distracted by fake ads, political nonsense, and so on. As a result, all of the tribes have joined the Mindvalley community. What is the distinction between the connection app? According to Vishen, this community is intended for long-form discussion. The connections app is a social networking app that allows you to connect with other members.

Mindvalley allows you to create. Vishen claims that you will be able to provide feedback to the authors. Apparently, a workshop is on the horizon in which you provide feedback to someone and he modifies his course based on what Mindvalley Membership members say? I'm not sure how this will all come together.

Mindvalley mentoring is now available to anyone who has a Mindvalley Membership. This costs $200 per year but is included in the Mindvalley Membership. That's insanely cool! According to Vishen, Mindvalley mentoring is an hour-long class where you can learn things that will change your life. I haven't sat down and listened to any of them yet, but I'm thrilled that they're included in the Mindvalley Membership! You can find them all in the Mindvalley Dashboard's community section.

Members have access to the Soulvana courses. I used to pay for Soulvana years ago. I don't recall everything we received, but I do recall receiving one free course or book per month. I hadn't been following Soulvana since I cancelled my subscription, but I noticed that there are new Soulvana-branded courses under 'My Programs.' The screenshot below demonstrates what I mean. Soulvana is written on Mastering Your Breath, Qi Secrets, Quantum Health, Quantum Jumping, Quintessence, and Recalling Your Soul Mission, and they are all quests! There are more Soulvana courses that I did not photograph. Mindvalley used to offer a course called Quantum Jumping. I've never taken it but have always wanted to, so I'm looking forwards to giving it a shot. I'm also excited about the Mastering The Power Of Breath quest.

Zenward This is new and isn't yet in my membership account, but Vishen says it'll be there within a month – so the middle of February? It's a slew of yoga episodes. Vishen claims that there will be enough yoga in this section that you won't need a separate yoga app because this will contain everything you need.

What Happens After Your Yearly Membership With All Access Is Up?

If you want to avoid being charged for the Mindvalley Membership again, you can cancel your subscription before it renews.

The major issue with this is that if you cancel your membership, you will lose access to everything you received with the pass. That's how they keep you around. You will need to renew your membership if you want to keep the content.

That may not be an issue if you can complete all of the courses within a year and are unconcerned about upcoming Mindvalley quests. However, if you are unable to complete all of the courses or wish to participate in new quests as they become available, you will need to renew your Mindvalley Membership OR purchase the courses and quests you missed individually.

When you purchase the courses and quests separately, they will remain in your Mindvalley account indefinitely. When you purchase the Mindvalley Membership, any courses and quests that come with it will be kept in your account until you choose not to renew your subscription.

How Much Is The Mindvalley Membership And Is It Worth It?

I had instant access to all of the quests and courses in my Mindvalley account after I paid (remember, I paid the initial price of $795, which has now been reduced to $595).

For me, this meant 7 new quests and 5 new courses were added to my account. I had already completed a significant number of Mindvalley's quests and courses, so they were already in my account.

So I got 12 new courses to take, which works out to about $66 USD per course. And, if Vishen wasn't lying (which, after over a year of having the pass, I can say he wasn't), I should be able to get all future quests for free this year, bringing my total per quest down.

You'll have to do the math yourself based on your budget and how many classes you've already taken. You're probably going to pay a lot less per course than I do.

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