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What is Quillbot?

You can use QuillBot to help you improve your writing. The website's drop-down thesaurus is extremely helpful.
Millions of people around the world rely on QuillBot's AI-powered paraphrase tool to rewrite sentences and paragraphs.

Paraphrasing Made Easy

Using Quillbot, you can easily restructure your content.

When you use different words to clarify the meaning of (something written or spoken), you are parphrasing. Here's an example of content paraphrasing done by hand: Using the quillbot tool, the rewriting of a specific passage of content can be done quickly.

Quillbot Chrome Extension

There is a free Chrome Extension for Quillbot here.

Use AI to rewrite a sentence, paragraph, or entire article with QuillBot's Chrome Extension paraphrase tool. QuillBot can help you improve your writing by removing extraneous words and ensuring that your message is understood by your audience.

Quillbot Premium

Machine learning is used to reword and restructure selected text in QuillBot Premium.

You can use it to rephrase a sentence by simply clicking on it and selecting "Launch QuillBot" from the context menu that appears.

Afterwards, users can make changes to the output on the side panel and insert it into their document.

This add-in requires a registered account and a premium subscription, which can be purchased at:

More than half of your writing time can be saved by using QuillBot Premium.

If you're looking to save time and improve your writing, you'll benefit from an increased character limit (up to 10,000 characters at once – 3 pages) as well as two additional writing modes (Suggestive & Concision).

Why is Quillbot Best?

There are a number of paid paraphrasing tools that provide in-text word replacement suggestions.

For each word, the rewriting tool provides several options, each one enclosed in curly braces.

It can be done by surfacing, for example.

Such tools work by substituting different words for each other, but the sentence structure remains the same.

For plagiarism checks and unique content styles, Quillbot rephrases sentences using artificial intelligence.

The quillbot does all the work for you when it comes to progressive optimisation for content expansion.


To meet academic writing standards, Quillbot can rephrase and rewrite written content.

It's possible to use other rephrasing tools, but Quillbot was our prefered choice for our processes.

Using the QuillBot article rewriter, some words can be replaced with synonyms and the content can be reduced in length.

This is impressive because the text's meaning is preserved even when grammatical errors are introduced.

Your answer summaries should be quilled in order to snatch those featured snippets from the rest of the answers you've written.

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