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After more than two decades since his initial nomination, Wes Anderson has finally secured an Oscar win. The acclaimed filmmaker emerged victorious at the 96th Academy Awards, clinching the Best Live-Action Short Film accolade for "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar," one of his four adaptations of Roald Dahl's works produced for Netflix.

Despite being engrossed in preparations for his next film in Germany, Anderson couldn't be present at the ceremony. Nonetheless, he conveyed his gratitude through a statement, expressing thanks to various individuals and entities, including the Roald Dahl family, the Netflix team, and a roster of esteemed collaborators and mentors.

Netflix garnered an impressive 17 additional nominations across 10 diverse titles, further solidifying its standing as a powerhouse in the film industry. These nominations span a range of projects, from "Maestro" to "Nimona," showcasing the platform's commitment to delivering captivating and compelling content across various genres.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Best Live-Action Short Film Winner

"The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar," one of the quartet of Roald Dahl short films helmed by Wes Anderson for Netflix, narrates the extravagant tale of a wealthy idler who stumbles upon an extraordinary gift. Departing from Anderson's customary aesthetic, the film adopts a theatrical and visually stunning approach, boasting a stellar cast featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Patel, Ben Kingsley, and Richard Ayoade."


Nominated for: Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture

Bradley Cooper takes on multiple roles in this sweeping romantic saga, serving as director, co-writer, and lead actor. The narrative delves into the enduring love story of renowned composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein (portrayed by Cooper) and his wife, actor Felicia Montealegre (played by Carey Mulligan), spanning several decades of their marriage. Cooper's intention, he shared with Netflix, was to prioritize the portrayal of their relationship authentically while ensuring the focus remained on them.

Given Bernstein's profound connection to music, it was imperative for the film to incorporate this aspect. Cooper fully immersed himself in the production, embodying Bernstein's ethos of conducting with every fiber of one's being. His dedication to mastering Bernstein's conducting technique, involving the entire body, was evident throughout the film's development. This commitment shines through particularly in the climactic scene, where Cooper, in the role of Bernstein, conducts Mahler's Symphony No. 2 with captivating authenticity.


Nominated for: Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress

Directors Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, acclaimed for their Oscar-winning documentary "Free Solo," venture into the realm of narrative feature filmmaking with "NYAD." Starring Annette Bening and Jodie Foster, the film chronicles the remarkable journey of real-life swimmer Diana Nyad. Nyad undertakes a daring endeavor to complete a 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida, without the protection of a shark cage, a pursuit she initiated 32 years prior.

Despite their lack of experience working with actors, Vasarhelyi and Chin seamlessly transition into this new territory. The collaboration with the talented cast, including Bening and Foster, proved to be a harmonious experience. Chin reflects on the significance of friendship within the story, highlighting the exceptional chemistry between the two esteemed actors and their ability to bring the narrative to life with authenticity and grace.

May December

Nominated for: Best Original Screenplay

In Todd Haynes' poignant yet darkly humorous melodrama, Elizabeth Berry (portrayed by Natalie Portman), an actress, immerses herself deeply into the preparation for a new role. She delves into the complexities of a notorious tabloid story, focusing on the unconventional marriage of Gracie Atherton (played by Julianne Moore) and Joe Yoo (portrayed by Charles Melton). Their relationship began decades earlier when Joe was merely 13 years old and Gracie was in her 30s. After their secret was revealed, Gracie faced incarceration. However, they ultimately built a life together, raising three children, seemingly content.

As their children's impending high school graduation approaches, Elizabeth's scrutiny of their relationship initiates a unraveling of the seemingly stable facade. Screenwriter Samy Burch reflects on the genesis of the story, particularly the character of Joe, a middle-aged man on the brink of an empty nest, yet haunted by his past and the subsequent media frenzy. Elizabeth's probing prompts Joe to confront unresolved issues, leading to a journey of self-discovery tinged with unexpected humor.

Haynes underscores the importance of humor in Burch's script, acknowledging the invaluable contribution of the talented cast in bringing these nuanced layers to life. The film's tone, characterized by a delicate balance of introspection and levity, underscores the complexity of human relationships and the resilience required to navigate life's uncertainties.

The After

Nominated for: Best Live-Action Short Film

David Oyelowo, renowned for his role in "Selma," takes the lead in this poignant short film portraying a rideshare driver grappling with grief. As he picks up a family during his shift, he finds himself compelled to confront his own profound sense of loss. Reflecting on his initial encounter with director Misan Harriman's bold screenplay, Oyelowo admitted to feeling both apprehensive and irresistibly drawn to its compelling narrative.

American Symphony

Nominated for: Best Original Song (“It Never Went Away”)

Matthew Heineman's documentary chronicles the journey of Grammy and Oscar-winning composer, as well as the bandleader of the Late Show, Jon Batiste, as he prepares for a special one-night performance at Carnegie Hall. Amidst his musical endeavors, Batiste also grapples with his life partner Suleika Jaouad's battle with leukemia. "American Symphony" delves into the intricate dynamics of their relationship and creative collaboration, highlighting their resilience in the face of adversity. Reflecting on their shared experiences, Batiste expressed, "Some people are hardwired to create... We get energy from writing and performing, creating, and gathering people into a community. We also get energy from being together, the two of us, or being alone."

El Conde

Nominated for: Best Cinematography

In Pablo Larraín's darkly humorous tale, Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet (portrayed by Jaime Vadell) is reimagined as a 250-year-old vampire residing in the remote hills of the country. When his children pay an unexpected visit, disrupting Pinochet's meticulously planned retirement, chaos ensues. The situation further intensifies with the arrival of a young French accountant (played by Paula Luchsinger), tasked with auditing the count's financial affairs. The film's visually stunning chaos is captured through the lens of acclaimed cinematographer Edward Lachman, known for his work on "Carol."


Nominated for: Best Animated Feature Film

If "Nimona" is considered a rebellious fairy tale, then its protagonist, Nimona herself, emerges as an even more unconventional heroine. Screenwriter Robert L. Baird, reflecting on the story, remarked to Netflix that surprises abound at every twist and turn. Not only does the narrative delve into deeply resonant themes, but Nimona stands out as an exceptionally unique character—an unconventional antiheroine.

Nimona, a spirited shape-shifter, becomes entangled in a conspiracy to incriminate the kingdom's most courageous knight. Voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz, she finds herself on the run, fighting for survival. Along the way, Nimona forms an unexpected alliance with Ballister Boldheart, the aforementioned knight voiced by Riz Ahmed. Together, they unravel the mystery, and perhaps, forge an unlikely friendship in the process.


Nominated for: Best Actor

In George C. Wolfe's film "Rustin," Colman Domingo takes on the role of Bayard Rustin, the openly gay Black Civil Rights leader. This marks Domingo's inaugural leading role in a film, a role that feels apt and significant. Reflecting on the message of the film, Wolfe shared with Netflix that Rustin embodies the essence of what it means to be an American—a commitment to democracy, freedom, and the pursuit of possibility.

Wolfe emphasized Rustin's role as a role model, highlighting his daily dedication to these principles and his efforts to impart his wisdom to others. According to Wolfe, democracy is likened to a muscle that requires regular exercise; otherwise, it ceases to function effectively. Rustin's pivotal role in organizing the historic 1963 March on Washington is depicted in the film, showcasing the numerous challenges he faced in the lead-up to this momentous event.

Society of the Snow

Nominated for: Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best International Feature Film

Directed by J.A. Bayona (known for "The Impossible"), "Society of the Snow" recounts the remarkable true story of the Miracle of the Andes. The film depicts the harrowing ordeal of an Uruguayan rugby team who become stranded in the snowy mountains following a plane crash. Despite facing unimaginable challenges, the survivors demonstrate incredible resilience as they muster the courage to endure the harsh winter conditions.

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