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Premium YouTube helps me get through every day. I might be in the midst of my morning routine or stranded in a location with no service and yet have access to entertainment.

I currently pay $24.99 each month for the family plan, but I don't mind. For someone like me, having ad-free entertainment, podcasts, and music available 24/7 is worthwhile.

I'm constantly driving, exploring new locations, and getting things done, so it's imperative that I have something that helps me get from A to B.

In this unsponsored essay, I intend to discuss some of the most compelling reasons why I will remain a YouTube Premium subscriber for the foreseeable future.

1. Ad-Free Videos

Nobody, and I mean nobody, enjoys advertisements! YouTube Premium reduces buffering time by 5 to 30 seconds. I enjoy being able to click a video and immediately access the information I'm looking for.

If it's a how-to video on mending my broken-down car, I don't have time to watch advertisements. I need this information immediately, and it's so quick.

It is irritating when commercials come in the way of anything you're attempting to achieve. Because of this, I have interrupted premium accounts for both YouTube and Spotify.

It may appear that 5 or 30 seconds won't make a difference for you, but that's not the best part, which brings me to my second point.

2. Background Play

Background play is my favourite feature of YouTube's subscription service. This allows me to listen to sports or foreign news while also monitoring social media. It is really convenient to be able to multitask.

On occasion, I like to watch particular videos before going to sleep, but I don't want to leave my screen on the entire time. You can stow your phone in your pocket while while listening to something you enjoy.

Background music is convenient for individuals who are constantly on the move. When autoplay, ad-free films, and convenience are combined, the result is a highly useful mobile application.


Downloading your favourite videos and tunes creates a remarkable dynamic of accessibility. This means that even in areas with poor connectivity, you can still access your prefered media.

Because of the downloadability function, you are essentially always connected to the grid.

Due to the poor service in the Middle East, YouTube downloads were able to keep me and my friends entertained during my deployment there.

Downloads are especially beneficial when travelling and losing service in the air. If you love having access to entertainment on the road, the additional monthly cost is well worth it.

Final Thought

YouTube Premium is the best option when it comes to saving time and enhancing your life's ease. I prefer the Premium experience 10 times more than the standard one.

YouTube Premium is a worthwhile investment for commuters and individuals who are constantly on the move.

If you are already a YouTube Premium customer, please comment on your experience.

YouTube and Youtube Music
At least 50% off from FlexSub

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