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Whether you're just getting started as a coder or want to improve your coding abilities, tackling programming problems is part of the plan.

Coding problem websites are convenient, free, and even enjoyable, as they test your abilities with individual exercises, friendly challenges, and insightful assessments.

Coding practise on these websites can help you learn more, improve your skills, and prepare for programming job interviews.

Top websites for practicing your coding skills

How difficult is it to learn to code? Starting from scratch can be challenging, but coding challenges designed to test and advance your skills can be beneficial. We gathered ten excellent websites for coding problems and organised them alphabetically for your convenience.

Each website provides a collection of resources for learning to code or improving your existing skills.

1. CodeChef

CodeChef allows you to practise skills like sorting, data structures, and dynamic programming by selecting from thousands of problems. Problems can be sorted by difficulty. As you prepare for Code Chef's internal or external monthly contests, you can answer practise problems in one of over 50 programming languages.

CodeChef provides self-directed learning opportunities and mentoring programmes, as well as a coding community, coding bootcamps, and tech certification programmes.

2. Coderbyte

Coderbyte is a coding practise and improvement platform that provides code challenges and courses to help you prepare for job interviews.

Over three million solutions in over 25 languages were available on Coderbyte. Algorithms, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python starter courses are offered alongside interview kits and career resources.

You can participate in a free challenge and trial. A monthly Coderbyte subscription costs $35, and an annual subscription costs $150. Both give you full access to Coderbyte's resources.

3. Codewars

Codewars, which debuted in 2012, offers practise kata, or small coding exercises, that you progress through as you improve your skills. Kata in Codewars are available in nearly 60 programming languages, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

You can create your own kata, interact with the Codewars community, and learn one or more languages in the process. Feedback and creative learning help Codewars users think creatively and innovate. Codewars also has resources for educators and businesses.

4. CodinGame

CodinGame offers challenge-based programming training through games, puzzles, and competitions in over 25 languages.

Through easy, medium, hard, and very hard exercises, CodinGame's resources allow you to improve your programming skills, learn new concepts, and interact with other coders.

The leaderboard and prizes on CodeinGame help you gain recognition from your peers and track your progress. Free live streams, blogs, and discussion forums for developers supplement recruiters' sourcing, screening, and retention programmes.

5. Geektastic

Geektastic's human-reviewed technical assessments enable businesses to create coding challenges for talent acquisition and engineering team training. If you have coding experience, you can join Geektastic's reviewer community to create and test challenges — and get paid to evaluate candidates' performance.

Java, Python, and PHP code challenges are available. Geektastic also provides Java, Javascript, and basic coding skill assessments. Joining as a developer is free, and flexible pricing accommodates businesses of all sizes.

6. HackerRank

Over 18 million users use HackerRank as a technical interview platform as well as for coding practise. HackerRank challenges cover topics such as algorithms, Java, Python, Ruby, and data structures.

HackerRank's challenges allow you to test and debug your code while competing in sprint, company, language, or timed competitions. You can also obtain specific skill certifications or complete interview preparation kits. Pricing for interview content ranges from $25 per month to $819 per month for team subscriptions.

7. LeetCode

LeetCode's programmer community has access to over 2,250 practise problems. Individual challenges in areas such as algorithms, database structures, and dynamic programming supplement overall study plans.

LeetCode's programming skills study plan combines three modules with varying degrees of difficulty. LeetCode supports 14 programming languages and includes a playground tool for testing, debugging, and writing code.

Signing up is completely free. LeetCode Premium provides access to additional tools and premium content for $35 per month or $159 per year.

8. TopCoder

TopCoder's community of designers, developers, data scientists, and competitive programmers build their skills, show their expertise, and earn money as they improve their coding abilities. TopCoder pays individuals for their work, sells it to corporate clients, and hosts competitions designed to highlight top coding talent worldwide.

Customers use TopCoder to hire freelancers on-demand, set challenges for the coding community, and find teams for projects.

LeetCode and FrontendMasters and CodeCademy
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