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The more time we spend online, the more we communicate online—and that means a lot of typing. The words you say on the fly may not be polished much before you say them, but the words you type can be changed as much as you want before you hit send or publish. You can be more deliberate in your writing. The disadvantage? You can't take your written words back once they're out there. They can be reread, screen-capped, saved, and even shared. On the bright side? You have the ability to perfect your words before anyone else sees them.

It takes time to get it right, but Grammarly can help you save time on editing, revising, and polishing your written words. Whether you're writing for school, work, or pleasure—a text, email, essay, blog, website, presentation, or LinkedIn post—Grammarly can help you complete your message faster in any situation.

Grammarly's communication and writing assistance saves you time proofreading and polishing your writing. Instead of scouring your writing for errors, you'll get real-time writing suggestions that will help you edit and revise as you type. Here are five ways Grammarly can help you save time when writing:

1. Quickly address the basics

When most people think of grammar edits, they probably think of spelling and punctuation—the fundamentals. A misplaced comma, a misspelt word, incorrect use of "their" and "they're," writing "pass" instead of "past," or a typo like "hosue" could all be culprits. At the very least, everyone should master the fundamentals of writing. Cleaner writing is not only more presentable, but it is also more readable. Incorrect punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence, and missing or incorrect words can make the reader wonder if they're reading at all.

Grammarly highlights minor spelling and punctuation errors in red so you don't have to comb through your writing to find them. Rather than spending time looking up whether you made a mistake and what the corrective action should be, Grammarly highlights the errors and provides suggestions as you type. It only takes a mouse click to correct your errors.

2. Rewrite for clarity and conciseness

Do your sentences occasionally sound awkward to you? Long-winded and perplexing? Too many prepositional phrases? Perhaps you've rewritten several times and still can't seem to hit the nail on the head. Perhaps it's a sentence that sounds great to you but is unclear to others. And there's always a better way to say something.

Why rewrite your sentences when you can simply accept a Grammarly suggestion? Grammarly Premium's suggestions help you rewrite your sentence on the spot for clarity and conciseness, so you never have to ruminate over the same phrase trying to find the right way to say it. Replace complex sentences with simpler ones, and revise your words to make your point more concisely.

3. Easily adjust your tone

If your words have ever caused a miscommunication or not landed correctly, you could probably benefit from some tone coaching. Tone is an important element of language, and it can be difficult to emit tone through your writing without emojis and exclamation points.

The tone detector in Grammarly tells you the perceived tone of your language and whether you come across as formal or casual, among other things. Premium tone adjustments suggest how to change the tone of your text so that you communicate the way you want to. You’ll save time not having to second-guess yourself and going back and forth to achieve the correct tone.

4. Choose your words thoughtfully and efficiently

Without realising it, writers frequently repeat words, include unnecessary words, or use overused words. Even if it’s not incorrect writing, different word choices can make all the difference in your presentation, professionalism, and uniqueness.

Do you want to know when to drop phrases like "great job!" or unnecessary words like "really?" Grammarly Premium's word choice suggestions will help you keep your vocabulary in check when writing so you don't sound repetitive. It can also improve your writing by suggesting word substitutions to keep your reader interested. With Grammarly at your fingertips, you'll never need to consult a thesaurus or look up alternative ways to say something.

5. Edit and revise—wherever you write

Changing from one page, window, or app to another can be time-consuming and inconvenient. And if you do all of your work in different places, there may be inconsistency in how you write across the various programmes you use.

Grammarly works wherever you write, so you never have to open an editing programme or cut and paste your text to get writing tips. You'll receive real-time edits and feedback as you write. Grammarly is the most convenient tool available.

Save time writing with Grammarly

Using Grammarly as a second set of eyes means less time reviewing for mistakes and rewriting for improvements. Grammarly is your virtual pocket thesaurus and text editor that stays with you as you move from page to page on your devices.

Download Grammarly for free to get basic writing suggestions, or check out Premium for advanced writing suggestions that make polishing your writing a breeze.

Grammarly and Wordtune and QuillBot
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