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First and foremost, I want to state that I have no affiliation with them and receive no benefit from sharing my thoughts. I'd like to share my thoughts on this platform with those who haven't used it yet.

What is Frontend Masters?

Frontend Masters is a platform where people can learn new skills or deepen their understanding of topics like vanilla JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, CSS, D3, WebPack, and others. Despite the fact that their name includes the word "Frontend," and their website's opening line is "Advance Your Skills with In-Depth, Modern Front-End Engineering Courses," you can learn backend stuff like Node, GraphQl, or databases like MongoDB, or sysadmin/DevOps stuff like AWS. They even have a "Fullstack" path where you can learn a variety of complex skills.

As a result, don't be misled by the name. Frontend Masters is not just for frontend developers or those aspiring to be frontend developers. Let's take a look at various areas and see how good their services are.

Professional Developers

The fact that you are taught by professional developers who work in the industry is the most important selling point for me. Some work for well-known companies like Microsoft or Netflix, while others work for less well-known companies. Nonetheless, they have industry experience.

What does this imply? First and foremost, it implies that the information is reliable. It is not someone simply rephrasing the documentation or teaching you incorrect concepts. You are confident that the information is of high quality. You also get a lot more than just specific knowledge. You will learn tips and tricks that you will not find in other courses. When writing code, you can see the best practises. You are in a professional developer's environment. Should I go on? I believe you have grasped the concept.


The tutorials are of the highest quality I've ever seen. To be sure, I did a lot of tutorials while stuck in tutorial hell. As a result, I know what I'm talking about. They must go to the smallest details and explain them in such a way that the information is understood.

I particularly enjoyed their vanilla JavaScript courses, and I don't believe there are any other courses that can compete in terms of quality.

Other courses, such as HTML, CSS, and SysAdmin, have left me unimpressed. Even though they are good, I believe there are other courses that are equally or better. Consider the word wesbos. Again, the courses are good, but they did not impress me when compared to other online courses.


This is a brief and to-the-point section. I must admit that the membership is pricey. Is it justifiable? Absolutely. a hundred percent I'll say it again: you're taught by professionals like Brian Holt, Bianca Gandolfo, Will Sentance, and Kyle Simpson. There are many more developers, but these are the ones that came to mind. I doubt you're unfamiliar with these names, but if you are, do a quick Google search.

Some people may find it unappealing to pay $40 per month or $390 per year. It is, once again, worthwhile. Should you take the risk? Absolutely.

Dry and long courses

Some courses are extremely dry, making it extremely difficult to follow along. While watching the videos, I found myself daydreaming frequently. It's not fun to have to rewatch the same video five times. However, when discussing concepts such as lexical scope, closure, and so on, I suppose there is only so much to build.

Some courses are also extremely long. For example, I completed a course that lasted more than five hours, but I was able to watch the videos at twice the speed because the instructor spoke slowly. As a result, you must be aware of these issues.

Courses variety

As I mentioned at the outset, they offer a wide range of courses. Essentially, you can begin as a novice and progress to become a Fullstack JavaScript Developer with SysAdmin knowledge. That is, assuming you can finish all of the courses on their platform. They have so many tutorials that I can't possibly list them all here. They just keep coming.

There are numerous courses to choose from. They are all taught by professional developers, once again.


Another impressive and cool feature is that they constantly have upcoming workshops. That is, you can tune in real time and view the workshop before it is added to the platform.

They are courses that will be edited and added to the platform after the workshops are completed. You get an infinite number of courses for your money. That's probably fine, right?


What is the conclusion then? I conclude by saying that the membership is worth it. For a not-so-small but not-so-big price, you get:

  • courses taught by professional developers
  • continuous workshops
  • a massive variety of courses
  • quality information, best practices, tips and tricks

If you want to improve your JavaScript skills, Frontend Masters is the place to go; whether you are a frontend, backend or full-stack developer.

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