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1. Find anything

It's hard to remember every key combination and track everything that IntelliJ IDEA can do. That’s why I often “Google” inside IntelliJ IDEA. It helps me to find the right menu options, tools, settings and even files in one place.

Find all: ⇧Shift+⇧Shift.

2. Know where you are

Before I found this feature I was using the “Select Opened File” button to show the currently edited file in my project tree.

“Select Opened File” button

Now IntelliJ IDEA does it for me. This is not the default option so you would need to set it for every new or existing project.

Always Select Opened File

3. SQL optimization

Did you know that the default database plugin in your IDE is more than an SQL executor? Given a fact that a persistence layer (Input/Output) is always the slowest part of an application, I always make sure that my SQL queries have a good Execution Plan when working with Relational Databases.

SQL execution plan

4. Multiline editing

You might have used it in Sublime Text Editor before but you don't have to anymore.

Multiline (column) editing: ⇧⌘ 8 (Alt+Shift+Ins for Win/Linux)

5. Go Back / Forward

I really often navigate to the place I was before by clicking the ‘back’ or ‘forward’ buttons

Go back/forward: ⌥⌘+Left/Right Arrow (Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right Arrow for Win/Linux)

To open recent files press ⌘E (Ctrl+E for Win/Linux))

6. Bookmark

I bookmark important parts of code to quickly jump to them at any point in time.

Add bookmark: ⌃⇧+<number> (Ctrl+Shift+<number> for Win/Linux)

To go to bookmark press ⌃+<number> (Ctrl+<number> for Win/Linux).

I need to say that I am not using more than 3 bookmarks at the same time as then it becomes hard to remember what are they for.

7. One editor for all

To store portions of the code, JSON, XML, and other types of data for later reference, I used to launch other text editors like Visual Studio Code or Sublime. When you attempt to create or edit something like this, IntelliJ IDEA expressly informs you that it is not actually a part of the code base (project). Then, when I observed one of my coworkers utilising Snippets, I understood how ingenious it is.

New Snippet file: ⇧⌘N (Shift+Ctrl+N for Win/Linux)

Snippets are available and synced across all your projects' windows. I often use it to format some JSONs or SQLs that I got from somewhere else to look closer to it.

My secret recipe

Even now, IntelliJ IDE receives numerous changes frequently, making it difficult to maintain that temperature. Because of this, I strongly suggest reading this kind of post occasionally in order to pick up some useful information from other subject-matter experts.

IntelliJ IDEA and FrontendMasters and LeetCode and CodeCademy
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