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I started using Grammarly when I enrolled in graduate school. It was one of a number of tools the university suggested. This version would be a paid subscription, and if you're wondering whether it's worthwhile, my response is an emphatic YES!

On my laptop, Grammarly is following every word I type. It is looking for spelling and grammar mistakes. When I start writing, it notifies me, and when I'm ready to edit, it compiles all of its suggestions for me to evaluate. The Hemingway App, a free desktop application that will highlight run-on and complicated sentences, was once used sometimes. Similar suggestions are made to reduce the usage of passive voice and excessive adjectives.

It might be really beneficial to have writing assistance as you compose your emails, articles, or reports. However, what really caught my attention about Grammarly were the emails that tracked your tone, development, and most frequent errors. It provides feedback on a single piece of writing as well as an overall assessment of your writing abilities. I'm discovering a whole new level of drive and wisdom as a result. This kind of criticism encapsulates both who I am as a writer and who I aspire to be.

When Grammarly informed me that I had written 700,000 words since May, the emails from the company first caught my attention. Six months after the count began, I was thrilled to reach the million-word milestone. I wrote a blog post about what I discovered by writing a million words using that information. After that, I decided what I would write in my next million words. But what really shocked me was how abruptly, a week later, I had written 197,000 more words.

The notion is that you can manage what you measure in terms of business. I now have a method to evaluate my writing as a writer. I can now handle it better because of this. It develops a tool for gamification. It resembles having a step counter somewhat. In one of my previous jobs, the insurance provider offered us monetary incentives for participating in up to three games every day, with a $1 payment made for each game won. One counted their daily steps in total. The other measured a set number of steps taken at least an hour apart over the course of seven separate walks, and the final measurement measured a set number of steps during a single walk that typically lasted 20 to 30 minutes per day. I gambled, made money, and believed the notion was fantastic all around.

Although Grammarly's word counter doesn't actually pay me, it might be the gauge I need to more effectively commercialise my writing. It most certainly inspires. Since reaching the milestone of one million words in November, I've committed to setting new writing objectives. Unbeknownst to me, a week later, it would notify me that I had written 196,506 words in a single week. That raises my overall number of words to 1,197,213 as of 30 weeks after the counting started.

Let’s look at some other helpful insights. It captures the tone in my writing.

It let me know my most common mistakes. And fortunately, it’s there for me as I write to catch and help me correct these errors.


It lets me know about my productivity and levels and the number of unique words I use when I write.

And here are my 1,000,000 word milestone and my word count just one week later.

I'm grateful to Grammarly. I appreciate you keeping track of my words and providing me with useful information. And most significantly, I appreciate the inspiration you've given me to keep going. Since I'm certain I'm not utilising the majority of the tools, I'd love to learn more. However, even utilising it in this passive way has been quite beneficial. Additionally, it can help me determine my tone for the specific article I'm writing. You can decide if you concur for this article.


In conclusion, I counsel everybody who writes to use Grammarly.

I'm personally investigating where writing might lead me. If you enjoyed this, please leave a comment or subscribe to my Medium page. What places can writing lead you? Where can it lead the two of us? Metrics are important, and as a recent addition to the Medium Partner Program, I'd like to see if I can make a penny out of a word. You all will contribute to my income of $11,972.13 at my current word rate. Do this now!

Grammarly and Wordtune and QuillBot and ProWritingAid
At least 50% off from FlexSub

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