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You will frequently feel in your early programming career that "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

You'll see that your friend is getting paid more for the same job as you are. One of your friends is rapidly collecting fans on social media.

One of your pals relies on their stock investment for income. Your other friend's lifestyle is more interesting because he goes abroad every month.

A friend's startup is about to make them extremely wealthy.

When you see them all, you'll wonder why their grass appears to be greener than yours.

You will continue to compare until you reach a certain stage in your work, and that's what 97 percent of beginning programmers do; they assess their riches in comparison to that of their friends and begin to feel insecure.

However, as a skilled programmer, you must put an end to comparisons and begin focusing on your development.

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the seasoned programmers I had long admired as a result of work linked to a project.

After we had discussed the idea, I simply asked him, "Do you have any suggestions for my programming journey?"

He was modest enough to provide me a couple different pieces of guidance on various areas of my life.

1. Stay Consistent

No matter who their rivals are, diligent and consistent programmers always come out on top. Maintain consistency and concentration.

Maintain consistency regardless of the skill or programming language you are studying.

Consistency is crucial in your life, not just in your professional life but also in your personal one. Your greatest potential can only be realised if you are consistent.

Just be consistent, regardless matter whether you're establishing a side business or want to make the most of your new relationship. You will succeed in reaching your fitness goal if you are consistent.

2. Never Quit Your Job

You have seen one of your friends making tons of money from his side hustle and he has quit his job just because his side hustle is a great passive income stream for him.

What are your takes on this? Quit your job and start a side hustle, Quit your Job and start a successful start-up. The answer is NO, never quit your job.

Even if you are willing to quit your job just have a few checks on your important work checklist —

  • You have a new job in your hand
  • Your Side Hustle is making more money than your salary
  • Your Startup has reached a noticeable market capitalization
  • Your Social Media Account has more than 50k+ followers

If you can’t check any of the points from the checklist then just stick to your current job until you achieve any of the checkpoints even if you are having a constant urge to quit your job.

Work in your free time to build your passive income stream, weekends are best for that. Don’t just quit your job to start a passive income stream.

3. Stay Friendly, Stay Humble

You should only reply "I would love to explain this" when your teammates ask you to explain something about the project or new technology you're employing.

The most crucial thing for a programmer is to maintain excellent company at work, and regardless of your position, you must be a good listener and consider your teammates' perspectives.

A professional programmer will enthusiastically assist and congratulate their teammates on their accomplishments.

Even if you want to be the team leader, your main priority should be maintaining your friendships.

FrontendMasters and CodeCademy and Pluralsight and LeetCode
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