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Today, I'll tell you about the top 7 Coding platforms for learning how to code.
As we all know, skilled developers are money-making machines; to be one, you must have exceptional problem-solving abilities. Almost every large corporation and startup prefers people who understand data structures and algorithms and can solve problems.

The question now is, how can we be good at it? And there is only one real answer to this question: practise a lot, but you must solve harder problems gradually, not just easy ones. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Begin with the easiest and work your way up, and you will master the job.

Make sure you have a good command of any programming language (recommended - C++, Java, Python) before beginning to practise problems on given websites.

When I say "good command," I mean that you must be familiar with the implementation of various Data Structures and Algorithms in that specific language.

So, without further ado, let me add my name to the list.

1. HackerRank


HackerRank is an excellent platform for newcomers. HackerRank has hundreds of questions and is well-known for its appealing User Interface and user-friendly tools for beginners. You will be given starts on solving problems here, as well as a certificate if you pass their timed contests. It is one of the best platforms for getting started.

2. HackerEarth


HackerEarth is well-known for its hiring challenges. Few hiring challenges are solely based on Java programming, while others are open to other languages as well. Passing the coding round, however, does not guarantee the job. In the selection process, performance earns extra points. The job responsibilities and requirements can be found on the contest registration page. They frequently necessitate knowledge of additional languages/technologies.

3. LeetCode


Leetcode is one of the fastest emerging coding platforms. The standard of questions in Leetcode is much above that of others. Leetcode is a great resource to prepare the technical interviews. It has quite a few very interesting and helpful coding questions that can help you be better prepared for an interview. Leetcode has a huge number of test cases and questions from interviews too like Google, Amazon, etc.

4. CodeChef


If you are a computer science grad. you must have heard the name of CodeChef, and you might have cs students flaunting their rating on CodeChef.
CodeChef is a non-profit competitive programming community set up by the Indian company, Directi that aims to take people better at coding by having hundreds of problems in the practice section and 3 official contests per month, along with various external contests.

Codechef organizes mainly 3 types of officially rated challenges per month -

Codechef Long Challenge

CodeChef Lunchtime.

CodeChef Cook-off

Moreover, CodeChef also has a great catalog of practice questions of difficulty ranging from Easy to Hard. The Easy questions are beginner-friendly and help people start off with programming and gradually improve. And upon your performance on the rated contests, they will give you starts or ranking.
And believe me, it matters a lot, If you have a good rating on any platform you will get a huge plus in the interviews.

5. CodeForces


CodeForces is well known for its timed contests and has almost the most difficult set of coding problems. You will get ratings for your performance in contests. As a newbie, you should not care about rating because that is your biggest barrier in trying harder and trying problems out of your comfort zone during a competition. Even if your rating is going down, it doesn't mean you aren't improving. They have a gym section where you can practice numerous questions for free.

6. GeeksforGeeks Practice


GFG is a master of all trades, from learning any topic from tech to practicing its questions geeks for geeks is the best platform. The platform provides you access to all types of training materials, from programming problems to practice for entrance exams, from basic to premium courses, etc. GeeksforGeeks shows an inclusive approach to all technical concepts and several ways to resolve programming problems that enable you to choose the appropriate solution.

7. TopCoder


Top coder competitive programming is a widely popular platform for competitive programming. It is one of the best coding practice sites for beginners that offer a lot of algorithmic challenges that you can complete on your own using their code editor tool. It also has a separate section where you can practice or test your development skills.

CodeCademy and LeetCode and FrontendMasters
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