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If you want to try out and see what Visual Studio 2022 Version 17.0 looks like, you can now. The full version will be released on November 8, 2021.

Let's look at the top features that are going to make a developer's life so much better.

1. .NET 6

The most exciting thing about.NET 6 is that it will be released in early November 2021. For example,.NET 6 will allow you to make multiplatform apps. It will also have special frameworks for Android and Mac.


People who work on Visual Studio 2022 will use.NET MAUI as their platform. MAUI is a cross-platform framework that lets you make native desktop, mobile, XAML, and C# apps for any operating system. MAUI will take over for Xamarin forms. Users will be able to make desktop applications with Blazor in a new way.

3. A 64-Bit App

For the first time, Visual Studio 2022 has a 64-bit application. It also no longer has a 4 GB limit on the amount of memory the main devenv.exe process can use. If you want to use a 32-bit programme, you can run and debug the programme.

Make changes, run and debug the most complicated and large solutions without running out of space.

Free access to all PC memory leads to better performance and less out-of-memory errors. This is how Microsoft says it works: It makes everything faster and more efficient, from loading solutions to debugging F5, the company says.

4. Better Usability

In the new user interface, lighter icons are used for both light and dark versions, making it look fresh and new. Users now have hundreds of ways to make changes, which makes things easier and reduces the cognitive load on their brains.
Look for these new things, too:

  • Updated icons for better clarity, consistency, readability, and contrast
  • Cascadia Code increases readability with a new fixed-width font and improved themes
  • Integration with Accessibility Insights detects accessibility issues before the software reaches end-users
  • Customizatize the VS experience with IDE settings and the ability to synchronize settings between devices

5. Hot Reload

The Hot Reload feature allows UI modification while the project debugs, and applies the changes without a restart debugging.

hot reload

6. IntelliCode is Even Better

Automatically complete larger code chunks (up to a whole line at a time) with IntelliCode. As Visual Studio states, “Leverage the wisdom of nearly half of million open source repos’ code patterns”.

We say, “Yes, please.”

7. Enhanced Debugging

Visual Studio 2022 is a friend to the developer, with the new debugging tool that diagnose issues quickly. You can use async visualizations, automatic analyzers, time travel debugging, and more.

This November, Visual Studio 2022 will be compatible with GrapeCity's .NET products, including Spread.NET v15, ComponentOne, GrapeCity Documents, and ActiveReports.NET.

Visual Studio
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